Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pamper your vacation on Novotel resort Lombok

Enjoying the beautiful beaches of Lombok is certainly a desire for beach lovers. For example sengigi or kuta beach lombok, white sandy beaches that are becoming the target of foreign and domestic tourists. For the tourists who have more budget, feel the comfort while vacationing on the beach around Lombok is the main thing. Besides beautiful beaches, the service of hotel staff, as well as the quality of the best hotel became the main purposes while on vacation in Lombok. One of the hotels in Lombok are able to supply all your needs and desires during a vacation in Lombok is the Novotel Resort Lombok.

Novotel Resort Lombok is a 4-star resort, located on the south coast of Lombok island has white sand and turquoise sea. The Resort is built with traditional Sasak house architecture, bringing calm and relaxed atmosphere especially the refined with a beautiful garden. To reach the resort from Mataram International Airport takes about 70 minutes. A total of 102 rooms spread over resort area which is divided into several types of rooms such as Superior, Deluxe Terrace, Sasak Villa 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom Private Pool Villa and Privatet Pool 2 Bedroom Family Villa.

When you are on vacation with the kids, you can pamper yourself on the beach or enjoy a spa treatment facility that uses natural aroma typical of Indonesia when your kids are busy on Dolfi Kids Club which monitored by hotel staff. Daily programs which available on resort was not only available for children, but also for adults. Do not miss the resort also offers a Wedding Package and Honeymoon Package. Restaurants and resorts are facing marine precise, so you can see the panorama of the beach. Diverse menu of the presentation of the meals served from which informal, formal, and casual-style bar with a delicious snack. Cafe Chilli restaurant, among others, Four Fish, and Papaya Bar.

Novotel is nice but a bit isolated from Kuta village. It has a good beach, but there are others. The beach is pristine with lovely white sand although the tide does go out a long way. There are plenty of lounges, chairs and umberallas set up on the beach for you to while away your time. The resort is in the Sasak style and it really works well. Walking around the resort, it is lovely and clean, the gardens are well kept with little statues here and there. Fresh flowers are entwined daily around the palms near the Reservations area. It has three pools to suit all ages. All the staff are all very friendly and eager to help in any way that they can. The private villas are something else - pure luxury and private. Some even having their own pool. Reconsider your choice for Novotel and stay at one of the hotels in the village. Admitted they are more of Indonesian standard, at least they were in 2008. A great relaxing holiday.


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