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The Seven Giant Waves Wonder at Plengkung beach

The waves came rolling high, within half a mile, moves and stretches to the shore. Some surfers seem so enjoy the brunt of the waves that come and go. Glide lightly over the azure coast of Plengkung. The beach is a target of every real surfer. Characteristic of the most famous to this beach is the waves that can occur up to seven times in a short time interval. The surfers from many countries, called this beach as the G-Land, The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. Waves at Plengkung beach is one of the  top ten biggest waves in the world, make this beach one of the favorite beaches in Indonesia for tourists destination from other country. Do not be surprised if Plengkung beach is already organize for four times international surfing event. The event is named "Banyuwangi G-Land International Team Challenge", followed by 12 teams surfers from eight countries, namely Australia, France, America, Britain, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

Plengkung waves are divided into three levels, namely kong, speedis, and many tracks. Each of these waves took in different areas. The first type of wave that is kong, this wave reaches 6-8 meters height . The most waves searched by international surfers. The second level known as speedis and have between 5-6 feet height . This waves type is also a professional surfer consumption. Then, the last level known as many tracks. High waves in many tracks about 3-4 meters.

In addition to professional surfers, the beach is also an option for beginner surfers. They can try many track area in Batu Lawang. Its location not far from Plengkung. When reached by foot takes about 20 minutes. So that tourists often refer to the waves in the area as t twenty-twenty.

Every year no less than 400-600 foreign tourists came to surf on these white sandy beaches. In this place they could stay for a week, even months at the resorts near the jungle.

Access to this beach is quite difficult, because it was located right in the National Park Alas Purwo (TNAP), East Java. That is 87 km north of the town of Banyuwangi. Plengkung beach can be reached by land from the city of Banyuwangi, or the sea from the island of Bali. Road trip takes 2-3 hours from the city of Banyuwangi to reach the first gate TNAP residing in District Tegaldlimo.

During the trip from the first gate to the post in the region of Rawabendo TNAP, on either side of the road looks lush forests of teak trees. However, upon arriving at the next post, namely Pancur, tropical rain forest vegetation area which can gives color to Plengkung trip to the beach.

To cross the forest, visitors must use a car that has four-wheel drive (4wd) belongs to TNAP. The car is ready to carry tourists through pathways that have not been paved, muddy and rocky from Pancur heading toward the entrance  Plengkung Coast. It costs Rp 130,000 per car, traveling back and forth with the full shock of bumpy roads along the 15 kilometers. Arriving at the gate Plengkung Coast, continue the journey on foot as far as 200 meters to the beach. At the termination point of the visitors were greeted with a wooden board bookmark resort locations, such as Bobby's camp or Joyo's camp.

Travel Tips

-. The best time to go to the beach is in the month of March - October, the best time for the waves height.
-. beware of coral while you surf.
-. prepared yaour physic before you travel to this beach, because the path you take pretty exhausting.
-. if you do not have more budget to stay at the resort, you can stay at Wisma Alas Purwo National Park with a relatively cheaper price.
-. prepare anti-mosquito lotion, because during tour the beaches, the location you are always adjacent to the forest areas.


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