Thursday, 15 September 2011

World Batik Summit 2011 : Jakarta

Batik is an important part of the cultural heritage of Indonesia. Batik Indonesia famous around the world because it has a complicated pattern, smooth design, and color characteristics. Batik Indonesia assessed loaded with technique and has become a symbol and a culture that is rooted in community life. Batik is more than just a fabric, each design has a symbolic significance and plays an important role in social and cultural rituals.

Symbolizing the grace and elegance of Indonesian culture, Batik is an inseparable element of Indonesia. From the time of Ancient Kingdoms to the present global age, Batik has retained its original splendor and radiates its appeal to many parts of the world. . President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has set October 2 as the Day of National Batik Indonesia and encourage people to use batik.

in 2009, UNESCO officially been crowned batik as a world cultural heritage (the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) from Indonesia. With official recognition from the world organization will now enter a phase of how to internationalize batik

World Batik Summit (WBS) 2011 will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). on September 28 - October 2, 2011 Within a 15 000 sqm space to cover. This international event under the theme "The Global Home of Batik" as a statement that Indonesia is home to the origin of the creation of this beautiful work of art.

Batik international conference will feature a photo exhibition titled "Gallery of Honor", a meeting between the buyer and seller batik, Bull exhibitions and fashion shows. Held in conjunction with the opening gala dinner, fashion show will invite classy fashion house from Indonesia and internationally with collections like Deanoor (Malaysia), Kouru (Japan), Saksit (Thailand), Tarum (India), Ika Butoni (Hong Kong), Lu Kun (China), Indonesia as well as designers like Ramli, Sebastian Gunawan, Anne Avantie, Carmanita, Bi Batik, Chossy Latu, and Parang Kencana.

Batik World Summit 2011 is expected to increase enthusiasm and to support international batik batik and batik lovers around the world. Her show will be attended by 1,000 participants from Indonesia and abroad.

More information is available at the event's official website:


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