Monday, 26 September 2011

Solo vacation : FUN !

Doing your own travel is not something that will make your own might feel uncomfortable. This could be a pretty powerful stress reliever. Many things fresh and unique things that we can get during the tour itself. In addition to refreshing the mind, we can also add a personal insight to the outside world, and will certainly be fun if we can find various solutions in every problem that existed during the trip. However, it must have good planning before you make a trip alone. If you are considering a vacation alone, the following are travel tips that have been tested and can make your trip easier:

 Buy books solo traveler
Accommodation, restaurant hangout and be fully registered with independent travelers. By knowing these places you will have many opportunities to connect with various people who have the same purpose.

Check the meeting place of independent travelers
Some guide books (such as Lonely Planet series) contains a list of them. Many cities that have a place renowned for independent travelers, ranging from bookstore to cafe for young people with bulletin boards and calendars of local events. It's like a treasure trove of cheap list for the tour, traveling companions, or social gatherings where you can join.

Started by smart
Even if you do not want a structured, book accommodation at least be in getting advice on your first night. It may cost you more than you want to spend the rest of the way to the inn, but this makes everything easier. Most importantly be sure you're not tired when trying to get it all together.

Avoid things that can interfere
Always trust your instincts. If you really are being harassed, go to the store or hotel, and explain that you are a tourist and there are people who upset you. Then ask can they help by calling the police or tell someone annoying to go?

Dress conservatively
If you are a woman you should take the instructions of local women how to dress, this way at least you do not attract the attention of others.

Talk to strangers
Some of the most meaningful travel experiences come from spontaneous invitations to join someone, family or group for dinner or other activities. As much as possible to talk with them, even if you do not speak their language, a smile is a surefire way.

Eating alone
Eating alone in comfort is a skill you will quickly develop. Select a cafe or restaurant with many people. Consider sitting on a table and watch the food prepared. Bring reading or doing something like writing for example. Once again, use the smile to reach out and make contact with the visitors so that you can find someone to talk to.

Avoid romantic destination
Ask yourself whether your desired destination is perfect for honeymooners. If yes, then avoid this location.

Some of these tips might help before you travel alone, but most importantly you have to take risks.


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