Thursday, 15 September 2011

Indonesia Sea Festival 2011 : Manado

North SULAWESI will be host to the largest underwater festival in Asia Pacific, Sea Festival 2011. The festival will bring the underwater splendor in Manado Beach on 23-25 ​​September 2011 in Sintesa Peninsula Hotel.
Underwater Festival in Manado, is the largest outside Europe, especially France Marseille, where the "Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine" was held to 39 years

The festival will be attended by world renowned film makers for the production of 3D IMAX Deep Sea and Coral Reef Adventure, Howard and Michelle Hall will attend the festival to share their experiences. Similarly, Emory Kristof, an undersea adventure from National Geographic who is recognized as the first person who discovered the Titanic wreck.

The festival which is an international underwater imagery and art competitions, receiving input from 38 countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, India, France, Turkey, Denmark, Hong Kong, Spain, Russia, Italy, Austria, South Africa, the Americas and Indonesia as the host.

Participants will gain a remarkable presentation of a number of expert diving and the underwater world including Dr. Mark Erdmann, Leandro Blanco, Eric Bettens, Amanda Cotton, Steve Jones, Michael AW, Mathieu MEUR, William Macdonald and Ronny gullet, the underwater photographer whose expertise no question.

Earlier on September 19 to 23 first underwater photography competition held as part of Celebrate the Sea Festival activities in 2011. The participants had the opportunity win a medal for Outstanding Achievement Medals, Merit of Excellence Awards and the Most Influential Shoot Out the Underwater Photographer of the Year with cash and prizes of USD 5000 or about USD 43 million.

The race is intended for novice photographers and filmmakers. Race categories include: Black and White print, Color Print, Portfolio Festival, Trio, Slide Shows, short videos and feature-length documentary.
photographers can capture images directly in Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Strait. Photos of the winners will be used for education and conservation areas.

For weekend activities at the Peninsula Hotel Manado Synthesis will be held seminars on marine conservation, climate change related issues, underwater photography workshops, and exhibitions of photography. You can see the underwater beauty of North Sulawesi through the screening of winning films from international film festival, the Underwater World Pictures

International Sea Festival in Manado, is a nonprofit program funded by the OceaNEnvironment Australia, with its main partners are the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia.


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