Thursday, 29 September 2011

Batur lake festival 2011 : Kintamani., Bali

The world has been widely known as one of the destinations Kintamani Bali, a place where the beautiful panorama of Lake Batur and the volcano is capable of creating harmony reassuring. And in order to further enliven again the belle of tourism in Bangli regency,There are many attractions in Bangli that has promising potential to be visited. Among other things, tourist attraction of Lake Batur, the will, Penglipuran, Writing and other tourist attractions. In addition, Bangli also has agrotourism and ecotourism attraction, where all that has been equipped with support facilities improvements and pre attraction. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has prepared a Festival of Lake Batur in 2011 to be held on 10 to October 12, 2011 later.

The festival will be centered in the village of dock Kedisan such, the event organizer has prepared a variety of interesting activities, such as Balinese food festival (which was attended by famous chefs from some of the starred restaurants in Bali), the festival of fruit, activity tracking, as well as race racing boat around Lake Batur. As the lid, at the peak of the event will be held the "City Tour" which will be attended by 15 countries in the world.

Event schedule

Monday, October 10, 2011
10:00 Opening ceremony "Batur Lake Festival 2011"
10:05 Organization Report by the Director General of Tourism Marketing DR. Nirwandar
10:15 Welcome remarks by the Regent of Bangli
10:25 Message from the Governor of Bali Province
10:40 Message from the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, Ir. Wacik, SE at once inaugurate the event
11:00 Performance: Koes Plus
11:30 Competition: Festival Food and Fruit Carving
13:30 Work Shop Space Tourism in Gunung Api Batur Museum Meeting Competition Announcement
15:30 Performance: Koes Plus

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
04:00 Competition Hiking on Mount Batur
10:00 Festival Opening Day Lake Batur KNCN 2 + Quiz
10:10 Kano Powerboat at Lake Batur
13:00 Reception of participants Tour d'Indonesia by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, Ir. Wacik, SE
13:30 Performance:  Singer : Ebiet G.A.D
14:40 Announcement of Competition and Quiz
15:10 Entertainment Local Arts


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