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Lombok : Suitable places to surf at Gerupuk bay

SURFING is a sport that usually take place on the high waves. This sport is done by using a plank as a tool to maneuver on the waves. Certainly has not lost in the memories of the surfing world class and amateur if Bangko Bangko that was located at the southwest corner of this exotic island of lombok became a favorite place to surfing, at least they have admitted and proven virulence waves all the time teasing and sucking thousands of fans to take part in this program . Besides bangko-bangko, places the most exotic and spectacular surfing on the island will be awaiting the arrival of the surf and who want to learn to surf for the pleasure to pumping up your adrenalin while sipping the waves. Besides the influence of the season gave the greatest contribution to mark the moments of the most amazing surfing.

South-Central coast of Lombok are dealing directly with the Indonesian Ocean. White sand beaches that extend along the South Lombok with big waves suitable for surfing . One example is the Gulf Gerupuk, about 5 kilometers from the Hotel Novotel Coralia Lombok. In this bay there are five points (places) are very suitable for surfing. Five places to surf in the Gulf Gerupuk is named for the name of the town's most visited tourist. Surf on the beach Perigi called Tokyo Bay Point or Bumbang.

The name is in accordance with the surfers who do a lot of surfing in this place that is from Japan. So also in Batulawang called Kodomo Point, Giligolong (obai / rolacosta), Dondon (Kamek point) and Terasak (Measure-roots). Unfortunately, to get to the fifth point is, at least the tourists have to cross using a boat through the crossings at the Beach Gerupuk. Similarly, if the tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea in three Gili in North Lombok, they have to wade through the Cape Coast Ward.

Gerupuk is the most popular break in Kuta. There are two main breaks here, although some others pop up in the right conditions. You need to hire a boatman from the village to access the breaks (Rp 70,000 for 1 person, Rp 40,000 per person for 2, and Rp 30,000 each for more). The boat will wait while you surf. To get here, take a ride east for 7 km (about 10-15 min), and pay the Rp 1,000 parking fee.

Inside Gerupuk: Insides is located in a sheltered bay and is good for beginners. The floor is a soft reef bed which doesn't cause much damage. The wave breaks both left and right here, and can get busy. Ocean Bar is located a short paddle away from the break (floating on the sea) and offers cold drinks, fruit and basic food

Outside Gerupuk: Cannot be seen from the village, it's a short boat ride away. Outsides is generally the most reliable bet for a surf - there is nearly always something to surf here (even in low swell conditions). The wave is a right hander and can be quite heavy.

The most travelers fond in Gerupuk bay are the Japanese tourists. By October to March is the month of origin tourists from japan were visit this destination beach . While other tourists from the United States, Australia and other Europeans often surf in June, July and August.
In the holiday season, tourists from Indonesia (local tourist) Jakarta, West Java and Yogyakarta is also not miss to enjoy the beauty of surfing in the Gulf Gerupuk.


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