Friday, 16 September 2011

Pekalongan : Homeland of Batik

The city is located in the path that connects pantura Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya. Pekalongan is 101 km west of Semarang, or 384 east of Jakarta. Pekalongan batik city known for earning the nickname, because of Pekalongan batik has a style that is distinctive and varied.When exploring the town of Pekalongan, we will be presented with views of batik cloth with various motifs and patterns displayed in small or large stores across Pekalongan. Every corner of the eye could see were bound to find a boutique and batik shops.Even if you browse deeper Pekalongan, you will find batik craftsmen and you can see first hand the art of batik-making process typical in Pekalongan batik or batik both print (silk-screening, red).When people asked about the City of Pekalongan, most people answer the Pekalongan Batik is the City so nicknamed The Land of Batik deserved to be pinned at the City of Pekalongan.

One of the largest centers of selling batik Pekalongan Batik is Setono Market, this market sells a wide range of batik cloth, batik any Muslim clothes, there is a shirt with batik motifs, to accessories with style and motif.

Markets which was established in 2000 was originally intended to accommodate small and medium entrepreneurs to market their production of batik in Pekalongan batik production precisely because of the previous lot sold outside the city.

Location of the market itself can be said Setono very strategic, because right is on the main street-rod Pekalongan is the main road connecting the coast line north of Java. Every person who walked down the street from the eastern tip of Java island and the northern coast of Java melawati path that will lead the city of Jakarta or otherwise certain to pass through this market.

Pekalongan batik itself is basically having special characteristics. There are 3 (three) kinds of Pekalongan batik motifs, among others: Batik Natives, Motive is not bound by the provisions of the kings of making it more freely; batik produced by people of Chinese descent; third is motif batik, batik Londo made by most offspring Dutch motif influenced by the tastes and culture of the Netherlands.

In addition to 3 (three) motif, there are also motives that is a blend of the palace and batik motif coast. This motif is created in the era of leadership of the Republic of Indonesia's first president, Sukarno and named batik Indonesia. In addition to these three motif, there are also another motives which is a motif batik from Pekalongan .

It is not wrong if they given the Pekalongan city a nickname of The Land of Batik and Setono Batik Market as a trade mark of Pekalongan, The City of batik as tourist destination


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