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Free ebook : Discover Bangka Island

Bangka island seems more popular after celebrate the Indonesian Sail event last year, discover the beauty of Bangka Island. find out the exotic landscape of white sandy beaches with this free travel ebook. This travel guide is arranged for the future traveler or else that curious about this beautiful but hidden island: Bangka. Also this e-book is compiled as one of the prerequisites to obtain diploma degree in Hotel Management. This e-book will guide you to understand the beauty of natural tourism of Bangka, its local culture, and how to travel around while enjoy its local delicacies. We hope that this e-book will provide a comprehensive information about Bangka Island and will be useful for international tourists interested in visiting Bangka.

Presented by : Michelle Chandradinata,Shinta Budiman Tan,Erlinda,Sumiaty (Nana Chen),Brenda Regina Hansen.
File size : 12Mb
Source : Free ebooks.net
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Monday, 6 August 2012

The secret exsotic of Dreamland Bali beach

Cliff ledge were lined up, lined up high at the shoreline. Seem arrogant facing the brunt of waves that came rolling toward the shore. sea breeze blowing, foam hit the shore, shaking the leaves of coconut trees, every dream away visitors. In the distance, it appears the sun began to set, emitting light that will lead to dark yellow. Quiet atmosphere brings the romance, for every couple who visit there. Dreamland beach, including one among so many of the best beaches on the island of Bali. Dreamland Beach is located on the southern island of Bali exactly in Pecatu region. Rather, a few kilometers before the Pura Uluwatu from the direction of Denpasar. Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to the attractions of Kuta beach, and many say the next Kuta beach, but far more beautiful and more empty. A side of the beauty that Dreamland offer ....

Dreamland beach Bali

Because the place is deserted and the texture of the waves that could be considered quite good for surfing, a lot of foreign tourists to come here. It also has a unique exceptional reef. often used for photo shoots prewed, model or even to shooting the movie that aired in Indonesia and beyond. This reef is also the added nuance of the erotic and romantic sunset next to the beach.

dreamland sea side

When you enter Dreamland Beach tourist area, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Rugged hilly area and make you look as if the lower beach area on the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering and large rocks. When you go down the rocks and the steps to the beach, you'll be amazed by the views of the cliffs on which there is a green pasture is high enough.

 Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow. Located on the white sandy beach just below the narrow steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to enjoy the sunset or just watching the surfers attraction. The waves are high and attracted many big fans of water surfing sports. Even Dreamland has become a new spot for surfing Bali region.

The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during dry season. It is because the wind flow from the southeast to the west hence it could create the great wave even barrel. This season is very much love by the surfer when go for surfing at this surfing point where the wave is powerful and big but inconsistent.

Surfing at dreamland beach

You can rent umbrellas are provided along the coast to avoid the hot sun. If you want to swim but do not bring replacement clothing, you can buy in the tourist area of ​​Dreamland. Once down the stairs, a line of clothing merchants will offer you their wares. Also available are several shops that sell food and drinks. In addition, here are also available toilet facilities if you want to change clothes and shower. But the pricing is quite expensive even for just pee in this area.

 Here some tips to travel in bali with low budget, and if you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas which stood as a supporter of tourism that continues to be built at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas stand on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the cliffs. In the end, the beauty of this beach will entice you to come back again.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Travel spot in Jogjakarta - Malioboro

Malioboro, a tourist destination in Jogjakarta who always indulged a passion every tourist who comes. History, culture, hustle and bustle of traditional markets, and even culinary, could bring inspiration to everyone. Malioboro street is a main street in the city of Jogyakarta, which stretches from monument Jogyakarta to the intersection Jogyakarta Post Office which consists from Prince Mangkubumi Street and Gen.A. Yani, this road is the imaginary axis line of the Sultan's Palace. This region is the mainstream from a typical of Java shopping center . If you are looking for typical items of javanese culture as a souvenir, this place is the right choice to satisfy your desires while in Jogjakarta.

Jogjakarta had alot typical handicrafts that can be found here include woven rattan handicrafts, leather, batik, silver, bamboo and others, in the form of batik clothing, leather bags, leather shoes, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo key chains, spoons / forks silver, batik blangkon (hat is kind of typical Jogyakarta / Java, T-shirts with various models / writing. Shopping centers and restaurants are actually same as the business and shopping centers in other major cities, which fullfill with big-name brands and some local names. goods traded from imported and local goods, from daily necessities to electronic goods, furniture and so forth. It also provides various handicrafts, such as batik, wayang, Imitation Key Chain, purse and others. There is also a spot foreign exchange, bank, five star hotel until type of motel.

Malioboro is close to the other objects of historical tourism, heritage tourism, colonial architecture, as well as other traditional shopping. The objects of historical attractions around Malioboro of which the Sultan Palace and the square, the Great Agung Mosque, Vredeburg castle, Sonobudoyo Museum and Village Kauman. While on tour in Jogyakarta, some of colonial architecture can still be seen, as now Societet Building Cultural Park, Hotel Inna Garuda, Bank Indonesia, and Bank BNI'46. Tourism as well as two nearby traditional shopping in this area, namely Beringharjo and Ngasem Markets. Additionally, for travelers who like to read, this region is also providing a public library owned by the Government of DIY.

Other than the atmosphere in the various diversity, tourists also can watch other peculiarities in the tourist area of Malioboro, dozens of rickshaws and buggy tour of Jogyakarta, which was parked parallel on the right path in the slow lane, and its always ready to take tourists get around of Malioboro and surrounding areas. On the right side of the road, tourists can see hundreds of motorcycles parked along the sidewalk wich are can sign that Malioboro is always crowded by visitors . Another interesting thing to do here is on the night, because at night, you can find a shop that sells Jogja typical food which known as gudeg. Besides, this area is could be as a gathering place for artists where always expressing their capabilities such as playing music, painting, art hapening, mime and others along this road. Or you can find the best performance of Ramayana ballet near Prambanan temple which is can make your trip plan many more and interesting.

Transportation among Adisutjipto to Malioboro

To reach the Adisutjipto airport from Malioboro , 1A track can be used. This is the path that will lead the Trans Jogja airport with the shortest route. You can ride from one stop - from 3 (three) stops - which is on Jl. Malioboro. Because the path 1A is also reaching out to Candi Prambanan, 1A track is often filled with passengers. If you do not hurry with your trip, you can also use the line 3A of Malioboro. Of course, this will take a longer route. About time travel, there are some things that affect. For example: congestion along the way. To estimate, from Malioboro to the Airport, traveling time about 40-50 minutes. Again this depends on the traffic situation and of course the availability of buses. The duration between the fleet of about 15 minutes.

To be sure, please ask the attendant shelter / bus stop where you will go up. If you did not want to wait too long, and with the condition that the bus is always full or bus availability can not be expected, you can use a taxi. Taxis are going through a similar route with the Trans Jogja line 1A. About the cost, of course, a taxi will be more expensive. From Airport Adisutjipto Malioboro probably around Rp. 30.000 to Rp 40.000.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Baliem Valley Festival 2012 Papua Indonesia

A unique and very famous festival for foreign tourists because of its distinctiveness and originality as a culture which located in the interior of Papua will commence shortly. Baliem Valley Festival. Baliem Valley Cultural Festival will take place in the Village Wosi, District Wosilimo, Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, Papua, on 8-11 August 2012

Located in incredibly lush and fertile valley with the most people living here have a farming tradition more than 9000 ears long – much longer than in most other parts of the world. More than 70 km long and around 20km wide, 1800 m above the sea level and surrounded by a crest of mountains some of which reach up to 4500, this area was not touched by the western world until the 1940s. And it took many more years to discover the whole beauty of this fertile highland and the various tribes living there.

Baliem Valley has since 1991 become the venue for the largest annual cultural festival in the land of Papua. In this valley, the Dani people live in harmony and united in the embrace of the mountains of Papua surrounding beautiful and charming nature. Aside from being a 'home', often used to Baliem Valley into the arena of war by the warring tribes and became the arena of those who slaughter the tribe that fought for the glory proud.

Three mains tribes are inhabiting the Baliem Valley, all are “Melanesian” with black skins and curly hair: The Dani in the base, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the south-east, each with it’s own distinct culture and language (in whole Papua there are more than 250 different languages still spoken today). Many of the people still dress in their traditional way, for example the “Koteka”, or penis gourd, is still sported by many male members of the tribes.The Dani man only use small koteka, the Lani tribes use bigger Koteka, while the Yali have long slender Kotekas and covering their waist with a rattan belt.

In the Baliem Valley festival, usually staged many different kinds of entertainment events, among which shows the War between the Tribe (tribal history), custom appearances dancing, performances Karapan Racing Pigs (Pig Racing), Puradan (game throws the spear into the sphere of rattan which is spins when thrown), Sikoko (puz use Pieces of wood species in throw toward the goals they have been appointed), competition plays a traditional musical wind instrument (Pikon), and various cultural competitions for foreign tourists like throwing spear (Sege) to a target that has been is set correctly and archery (archery target on the banana stem).

Staging a war activities are scheduled for 2 days, with displays of tribal warfare about 26 groups, consisting of 30-50 people per group. Then in a separate area also featuring traditional music game. Pikon traditional music game is that the music created from the bark of which is called in the vernacular "Hite" (bark to bow). While the song being played is an expression of the hearts of the music player in the ring and played to entertain his or her heart or of the listeners.Interestingly, not all of the Baliem valley can play this instrument, because it requires special expertise.

During the festival, set your camera in a large-capacity memory. Because you will see many unique things that should not be missed. Tribal participants involved more than a thousand people wearing regalia of their tribe. There are unique in that they use the trendy sunglasses even in traditional dress. Ask them politely to pose with you because obviously this is an unusual thing that should not be missed.

You can also watch the show pikon or traditional musical portrayal of human life. There is also a pig race became an attractive tourist and causing the hubbub of participants and spectators. In addition, you can watch the race archery, throwing Sege or stick to the target, puradan the rolling wheels of woven rattan, and sikoko is throwing at a target pion. Race-the race you can follow directly.

All you need to do during the festival just observe and enjoy it war while photographing. The longer it lasts the festival atmosphere of the war with spears, machetes, and arrows that hit the opponent will get up close and exciting. The more the spear that misses the more loud cheers from the hundreds of spectators. These tribes have followed the war festival every year, so this show more interesting every year.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Alor, Indonesia's beauty and rare diving site

Alor regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) is an archipelago and formed by 20 islands. Nine of the island has beeninhabited by residents, such as Alor Island, Pantar island, Pura island, Tereweng Island, Ternate, Kepa, Buaya Island,kura Island and Island Kangge. Another 11 islands are uninhabited.There are two main islands, the Alor island and Pantar Island. This district is located directly adjacent to the state of Timor Leste. Because this location was on eastern Indonesia, the island is not as popular as Bali and Lombok. Whereas nature, especially the beach is no less captivating. Most of the beaches in Alor is still relatively quiet because of the access leading to it is still quite difficult.

 As a district, surrounded by the sea, visitors can enjoy diving on the island of Pantar which can be reached by speed boat ride from Kalabahi. Around the Pantar island, there are 18 diving points, known as the "Baruna's Dive Sites at Alor".For every divers, Pantar Strait is a paradise on Earth. Fish species diversity increase appeal in Alor. You can find a variety of sea creatures, from the largest like the Pope, the Sharks, Pari, Mola mola to small-like Mantis, Napoleon fish, and much more. Coupled with the clear and the coral reefs, is guaranteed the time seemed to stop while diving here.

 Its Recorded, there are 26 diving points that stunning many of traveller there. All-26 point of diving is Fallt Line, Peter's Prize, crocodile Rook, Cave Point, Baeylon, The Edge, The Arch, The pacth, Nite Delht, Kal's Dream, The Ball, Trip Top, The Mlai Hall, No Man's Land, Half Moon Bay, The Chatedral, School's Ut, Coral Clitts, and Shark Close.

In addition spoiled by the beauty of marine parks, they also discovered by the rare phenomenon and very attractive sea parks in Alor. So, it's a normally, if marine tourism with spefisik submarine panoramic view of Alor in the Strait of Pantar being an excellent and the teaser for the world-class diver from all over the world like the United States, Australia, Austria, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and several countries in Asia . One proof that you can seebecause the underwater beauty panorama Pantar strait is the availability of agency services such as Dive Alor diving experience (www.divealor.com) and Alor Dive (www.alordive.com).

  How To Get There

Air transport to Alor.
We can use the flight from Jakarta to Kupang in order, to get to Alor. Arriving at El Tari Airport,Kupang, we can proceed to use a flight to Mali Airport Kalabahi City, the capital city of Alor. Only, flight routes to Kalabahi still very limited because there are only a few airlines have flights that serve there. From the airport of Mali,we are able to travel overland to the city center which is only about 7 km .

Transportation during the Alor. Public transportation is only in Kalabahi. For all other districts are usually people use a small boat or car passengers. Oto is the designation for trucks converted into passenger transport. The cost of the car ride to the Kalabahi East  Alor for about Rp 30,000. While for transport in the village or between villages, travelers can use a taxi for Rp 10,000 to Rp 30,000 depending on the distance of the field. As a suggestion, visitors can familiarize themselves with local residents. If you are already familiar, local residents will usually offer help with free transport.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Free Ebook: Enjoying Indonesia 2012

There is a lot to experience in Indonesia with much to enjoy and an awful lot to learn. Indonesia is known as the country with many ancient cultures, court dances and mysterious shadow puppet plays.Too many foreign tourists equate Indonesia with Bali, our major tourist destination with its wide and relatively quiet beaches and its magical dances. Through Enjoying Indonesia 2012 you will discover that Indonesia is very much an OK country, especially so because Indonesians are easy going and amicable people, interested to know you and very much worth your visit.
Presented by : Chris Soebroto
File size : 6Mb
Source : http://indonesia-ok.com

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Hoga Island , Indonesia best reef island

WAKATOBI. The best Indonesia islands near the island of Buton island which is touted as "the heart of the world's coral". In these waters that did appear a natural wonder of underwater ecology. Best cluster coral island stretches about 48 kilometers, with an area of ​​90 thousand hectares, which makes it the longest reef in the world. Hoga Island is one of the islands in the cluster of Wakatobi island, Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia, which is also a tourism island's with most beautiful underwater world scenery.The island is located in the eastern of Kaledupa island. Hoga Island located in the Ambeua Village, who is also an activity center Operation Wallacea since 1995 until now. Have the infrastructure that detailed supporting activities such as diving, snorkeling and research. In addition, there are ± 100 local community-run homestay located just behind the white sand beaches along the ± 1 km. Area of ​​marine tourism on the island of Hoga can be reached by speed boat from the Capital District of ± 10 minutes. Activities to do is dive, snorkeling, sunbathing, and research.

The land of Hoga island that looks greenish and beautiful with white sand surrounded by the sparkling sunlit, can pamper you who want to feel the sensation of natural beauty of a tropical island on the southern Sulawesi. Hoga island has an area of ​​approximately 1.3 million acres and which is a combination of several islands. The island has about 750 until 850 species of coral in the world. Hoga Island is one of the favorite places of professional divers and abroad. and there are so many visitors in June to August, especially students from Europe and America where doing some research of marine life. There are about 200 specialty simple, shaped house with small wooden stage, spread over most of the island.

Very beautiful white sandy beaches, and it has a very cleary water, until you can see the fish were swim in the depth of water. A dive site is located between the islands of Hoga and Kaledupa have a very panoramic underwater views. Dive to a depth of 20 meters at the Hoga Channel by using the wet suit, fin, mask, and tubing oxygen, or simply snorkel goggles with tubes sticking up will appear "paradise" under the sea became the target of every diver. Colorful corals gather here and there. Anemone fish or clown fish playing on the sidelines of soft corals anemones which use as home.

Besides Hoga Channel, there are about 20 dive sites scattered in Wakatobi waters. Pinnacle site, near Hoga Island. There are called Kaledupa Coral, coral table (table-shaped rock) and sized 2-3 meters in Tomia Island there were Hangover Reef. Each dive site has a unique Characteristic. The structure of coral Pinnacle's most beautiful, mountainous coral, as the name suggests, Pinnacle or "peak". this location also a home for typical barracuda fish habitat. Fish-shaped oval like a bullet and can glide very fast, barracuda fish swarming life. also found pygmy, sea horses which is so small.

Hoga beach-Wakatobi as a tourism object of Southeast Sulawesi never empty from tourists. Other than domestic tourists are also always traveling to this island every holiday season arrives. For lodging, the Hoga Island have some comfortable lodging and adequate. Most of them here has a range of Rp 200000-300000 per day. Mostly, the inn which is made of wood and no air conditioning or fan. This will also make you more naturally to enjoy every minutes on the island of Hoga. In addition, there are also Hoga Island dive center that can help you if you want to dive. But the source of fresh water on this island does not exist, just a well of brackish water and fresh water from the distillery's local manager.

How to get there

for those of you who want to go there, to reach the Hoga Island can be reached via two paths with some alternative way, which is:

1. By sea, there are two options. From Kendari through Baubau in Buton, or directly Kendari to Wanci. Baubau may be an alternative stopover for those of you which have not too strong enough from a hit by the waves. Understandably, long way from Wanci to Kendari cruise about 12 hours. If passed Baubau, you can take a break while enjoying the famous Buton palace in Baubau. Kendari-Baubau normally taken within 6 hours, then Baubau-Wanci taken within 8 hours.

2. By air, there are planes that connect Kendari from the airport Matahora in Wanci, as the capital of Wakatobi. Susi Air is the one airline that provide this air transport, the travel distance is less than 1 hour. There also actually has an airport pioneer on the Tomia island owned by some resort. If you are interested, these all you can get from booked some room at the resort, but this step has little bit more expensive.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tanjung lesung, West Java Indonesia

Tanjung Lesung is not as famous as Carita Beach or Anyer Beach who previously has always been a mainstay destination for coast traveling in Banten , West Java. But now after seeing the immediate beauty of natural scenery in Tanjung Lesung, it has become a favorite destination for every traveler. Tanjung Lesung is not only have the complete and representative facility , but also has a beautiful exotic nature. The beach is located on the west Pandeglang, Banten, and has an area of about 150 ha, officially opened in mid-January 1998. Although relatively new, support facilities in the area is relatively complete and representative. Moreover, the government has committed itself Pandeglang develop it as one of the leading marine recreation in Indonesia.

This place is within 3-4 hours drive from Jakarta by the distance of about 180km. Tanjung Lesung has its own charm. Cleanliness and condition of unspoiled coast, and have wide beach that is less than 15km. This condition is able to provide beautiful scenery at sunset and sunrise. Tanjung Lesung has a stretch of fine white sand and gentle, too wide and sloping. It is suitable to perform activities such as football, cycling along the beach, playing beach volleyball, building sand castles, with the motor ATV Offroad available (leased), or just sunbathing on the beach.

 For lovers of Nature, you can enjoy the wealth of biological and natural charm of the sea coast. Diving is an opportunity to witness the beautiful coral reefs, jellyfish, small snails that look shyly hiding behind the coral reefs, as well as various types of fish that chased each other and occasionally went over. You can also learn how to transplant coral reef conservation sites in the middle of the sea.

 In addition to marine tourism, the benefits of the location Tanjung Lesung is close to Krakatau and Ujung Kulon. On the island covering approximately 50 hectares and is said only inhabited by married couples (the grandparents) for decades, we can enjoy the beauty of the Sunda Strait, the exoticism of Mount Krakatoa, and see the conservation of coral reefs in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, a travel package tours to Krakatau and Ujung Kulon very much available. The tour package is a package that is in demand by tourists Tanjung Lesung .

 How To Get There: 

 To go to Tanjung Lesung is not too difficult. Lots of traffic sign provided by the local government as a signpost to the tourists who want to visit the site. First, take the route Jakarta-Merak toll road, then out through the toll gate East Serang. After passing through theSerang City, proceed to the City of Pandeglang and Labuan, and ending in Tanjung Lesung.

 In Tanjung Lesung there are alots place to stay with a variety and types, such as hotels, villas, resort to homestay with many range of prices. For home stay tariff of Rp 100,000 per night while staying at the villa, hotel, or resort to the tariff of Rp 500,000 to Rp 2 million per night, depending on the day.
 Have a nice trip...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Anambas islands: Best tropical island in Asia

Indonesia is known as an archipelago. Had thousands of islands with beautiful scenery and exotic. There is no wrong, if CNN.COM on April 14, 2012 put one of the islands in Indonesia as the best tropical island in Asia. Anambas islands , managed to occupy the first place after competing with 4 another beautiful tropical islands. The fourth tropical island is Koh Cang (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Halong Bay (Vietnam), and Similand Islands (Thailand) in that category.

Anambas Islands District is located in Riau Islands Province , Indonesia. The capital of Anambas is Terempa. Located 200 miles northeast of Batam Regions, Anambas archipelago have 1.2 million ha and the area is widely known as Sea Tourism of Anambas islands. Anambas islands is a paradise for every fans of diving and snorkeling activities.

The most beautiful island on Anambas islands is called as Bawah island . Bawah island is the main island on Anambas. The Bawah island group is consists four another small islands with a total area of ​​99.739 hectares. The island is famous for its Lagoon. The lagoon has clear blue water and formed by the ocean water which was trapped in the middle of the island.

When the sea water was in low tide the island would be chained and connected with sand ridge forming a barrier between the sea water inside and outside from the cluster of the island. The Sea water in this area is very clear, and from above the surface, you can clearly sight
into the bottom of the lagoon, including reef and fish.

There are wreckship which known as 'Seven Heaven' and 'Igara' which sank in the waters, in addition , it was being home to large variety of marine life as well the main attraction for divers.


For air transport is served by Sky Aviation (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday: Matak-Jakarta Tanjung Pinang-pp.);
Deraya Airlines (6x a week: Batam-
Tanjung Pinang-Matak pp.),v
And Fokker 50 (6x a week: Matak-
Batam-Jakarta pp.).

While sea ​​transport is served by
KM. Bukit Raya (2x a month);
KM Mountain Bintan (2x a month) KM. Trigas (2x a month)
MV BATAVIA VOC (Wednesday: Tanjung Pinang-Tarempa; Friday: Tarempa-Tanjung Pinang).

The distance from Bawah Island to Tarempa is approximately 7 hours , when it use pompong (motorized boats) transportation ,
while when using the speed
boat its took for about 4 hours long. Prepare your supplies to explore the best Tropical Island in Asia.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Kupa-Kupa beach : north Halmahera

North Halmahera located in Maluku islands. It has so many interesting natural beauty for you to visit. Coastal areas is the best place for you during your tour in North Halmahera. The rolling waves, blue water and white sand beach as if to hypnotize you to immediately enjoy all beach activities. And one of the best beaches in North Halmahera are worth to visit is Kupa-Kupa beach.

Kupa - Kupa beach is located in Kupa -Kupa village , 2 kilometers from main road and 20 kilometers to the south from Tobelo. The characteristic of this coast which has added with a quiet stream of banyan trees that grow in coastal areas, brought some identity to Kupa -Kupa beach and also make alot different for its beauty and shape from another beaches in North Halmahera.

Because it lies in the Gulf of Kao, and behind the mountain scenery, Kupa -Kupa beach provides smooth water flow on the sea , and make this spot is good for watersport activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, or kayaking.

Another spot attraction which is still visible on the surface of the Gulf Kao is Tosimaru wreckship, the cargo ship that was used during World War II. In addition, in Galela and Kao scattered cannons and bunkers. One of the bunker and even has a length of 20 meters and consists of several rooms.

For diving activities there are another variety of species of coral and ornamental fish, such as anemone fish, surgeon fish, unicorn fish, and angel fish, as the underwater attraction give more completeness to explore. This beach is recommended for every local or foreign traveller.


To go to Kupa-Kupa beach you can reach by air , Departing from TERNATE ( capital city of Maluku ) there are available several airflights to North Halmahera , specially to Kao or Galela city. Fly with Buana Nusantara Airlines morning flight (NBA) 2x a week (Sunday and Tuesday) and Air Express 1x a week (Wednesday) to Galela. From Galela you have to continue your trip to Tobelo city for 45 minutes, and then move to the south to Kupa-Kupa village

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Napabale Lake, the salty lake in Southeast Sulawesi

Napabale lake is salt water lake formed by the intrusion of sea water from Buton Strait trough into the cup-shaped crack rocks. The lake is located in the Village Wabintinggi and Lohia, about fifteen kilometers south of the city of Raha, the capital of Muna Regency, South Sulawesi. The lake is adjacent to the sea and connected by nature tunnels. This is make the water in Napabale lake taste salty. The amount of lake water level is very dependent on the ebb and flow of sea water. If tides, the surface of the lake go up and connecting tunnel will be closed by water. However, if tide is low, then part of the lake water reduced. Not every time we can pass through this tunnel. When the sea water run to low, this is the best time to explore the tunnel which has 30 meters length and 9 meters wide.
napabale lake
Napabale lake scenery
You can browse through the tunnel by boat wich is commonly called pincara. In some parts of the tunnel there are various types of stalactites. In addition, tourists can also watch a variety of painting beautiful corals that form due to natural processes.

Travel boat in the lake
Visiting the salty Lake of Napabale, tourists can enjoy two charm of nature as well as lake and beaches. The most fun activities to enjoying Lake Napabale is by sail or dive. Tourists who come to sail using a canoe or boat which can be rented by fishermen around the lake. Enough to pay Rp 50,000, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Napabale from canoe. For you who like to dive, do not miss the opportunity to see the amazing underwater scenes of Lake Napabale.

Satisfied with the atmosphere of the lake, you can cross through the tunnel to the beach. If you can not paddle the canoe alone, you can enlist help from fishermen to take the canoe down to the middle of the lake, where there is a coral island covered with verdant trees was so look beautiful to explore. If you want to spend the night around this salt water lake, suggested to bring your own bedding, such as tents, sleeping bags, jackets, and completion of cooking. In Lake Napabale there are no lodging facilities, hotels, inns and homestay. But if you need a cozy inn with more complete facilities, you can get it at Raha city (Muna Capital).

The tunnel between sea and lake
As notes, in addition to salt water lake of Napabale, there are other attractions located only few kilometers from Napabale. This tourist attraction is a cave, an ancient site tourism named Layang - layang. In the cave that resembles a niche store paintings works of man in prehistoric times. Besides paintings, a few meters above the cave there is a map engraved in stone gray. The stone map illustrates for another path to multiple locations around Layang - layang cave.

How to get there

There are two alternative way to reach salt lake of Napabale which is located in the village Lohia, District Lohia, Muna regency, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. You can use ships/boat or pioneers airplane as your transportation.

1. If using a boat, the journey starts from the Port Nusantara located in the city of Kendari to the port Raha in Raha City (the capital of Muna), it takes about 4 hours. From the Port of Raha, the tourists can go on using katinting (motorized boat) to the Muna Gulf adjacent to Lake Napabale and takes about 15 minutes.

2. If using pioneers airplane, the journey starts from Wolter Monginsidi Airport which is located in Kendari, then fly to Sugimanuru airport located in Muna city, or 25 km from the city of Raha. After arriving at the airport Sugimanuru, proceed to the city of Raha trip using public transportation takes about 30 minutes. Further from the city of Raha proceed to the lakes attractions by taxi or rental car takes about 20 minutes.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wayag Island : Best island from Raja Ampat


Panoramas in Raja Ampat archipelagos is quite remarkable. Islands which included in the World's best coral reef triangle is able to hypnotize every visitors who come through each every region in the Raja Ampat Islands. From many of beauty that Raja Ampat's offers, there is an island that provides perfection landsacpe and underwater scenery. The beauty of panoramas can be seen on an island called Wayag Island. Many of cluster from karst rocks scattered around the Wayag island and brought into its own characteristics, and this scenery is not owned by any other islands in Indonesia. This bring results in wayag Island as a powerful icon for tourism in the islands of Raja Ampat.

Wayag Island Scenery

Upon entering the Wayag Island, a small group of islands scattered like a beautiful maze that stretches between the crystal clear sea water. Extraordinary sensation would be created when you set sail and browse on to the archipelago of Wayag island. Small islands is so compelling, they seemed to show mutual embryo and the beauty itself to every visitor who comes. get docking in one of the beaches, and enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand between the sea, with various types of coral reef at the bottom.

After enjoying the beauty of underwater scenery near of Wayag island, now is the time to enjoy all of the Wayag archipelagos from the hill, precisely at the peak Wayag. You will be taken to enter a typical tropical vegetation lush and very natural because the Wayag island is uninhabited . The journey that you will travel would be very adrenaline, incline with a slope of 85 degrees is ready to welcome you just before you reach the top of Wayag. Travel time should taken about 30 minutes to reach the peak of Wayag . From this peak, you can see the natural wonders of the sprawling Wayag island .

From the peak of Wayag island

How to get there

To reach the Wayag island , you must first to go to Waisai, Waisai is the capital of Raja Ampat, it takes about 3 hours from waisai to Wayag island. or you can look into our post about how to go to Raja Ampat on this link. There are a few notes you should know about Wayag Island, including:
1. The only transportation to the Wayag island is speed boat.
2. To begin your journey to the Wayag island, it should started from special port for speed boat, located around the harbor of Waisai.
3. Travel time to and leave the Wayag island is about 6 hours, while there is 2 hours time to travel. Total time for day trips around 8 hours.
4. It is not allowed to stay on the Wayag island . because there are no boats to the island every day and the unavailability homestay on the Wayag island.
5. Speed boat rents rates are approximately Rp 7.000.000, - to Rp 14.000.000, -.

Exploring the archipelagos of Wayag island

Travel tips

1. Always observe to the port of speed boat on Waisai when you first arrived. Find information about the group that will travel to the Wayag island in a week ahead. Do not forget to note the name and telephone number of the owner of speed boat to get information of Wayag island tour departure.
2. Next, Put announcements in each receptionist, specialty is for sharing to the Wayag Island.
3. You better be in one group during your trip to Raja Ampat, at least four people.
4. You better to come in around October, because on this month, there is usually a tourist event, so that transportation to the Wayag island have additions to the amount of freight.
5. Dont forget bring food for lunch during your trip to Wayag island, because the speed boat owner does not provide lunch.
6. Bring drinking water more than 1 bottle, remember that you will climb to the top wayag.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tips travel to BALI with low budget

Bali is a very large magnetic effect on tourism in Indonesia. Millions of tourists both domestic and foreign tourists as a race to enjoy the beauty of this island. Offering many choices in Bali making the island as paradise for tourists who want to relax and enjoy the experience of vacationing in Bali. Starting from a very beautiful landscape bali to the completeness of accommodation and lodging with varying prices (available cheap hotel to luxury hotel), to make every tourist feel comfortable and at ease to stay and live on this island. And to enjoy a holiday to Bali at affordable cost (low budget), you should know a few tricks while you are traveling to the island of Bali. Here are some tips and tricks that we have collected, to help you get the fun holiday with the low budget backpacker style on the island of Bali.

low budget traveler
Girls are ready to backpacking in Bali

From many tips and tricks trip to Bali with low budget, the best important thing is to plan your holiday with carefully. include:

1. how much is your budget,
To go to Bali with a low budget, you should calculate your travel budget carefully. Solution to estimate how much the right budget, you can use packages to Bali tourist brochures, journals and the experience of someone when to go to Bali (usually in the form of a blog / website), or ask your friend who has visited Bali. Accuracy in the Budget plan will help you to get the maximum vacation in Bali.

2. best time to go,
Lies on the equator, the island has a dry season and rainy season which balanced, so getting enough rainfall throughout the year in addition to the sun is shining for a long time. July, August and early September are busy months for the coming of tourists. Many foreign tourists visited Bali during the Christmas holidays. Beyond that period, fewer tourist arrivals to Bali, so the best time to enjoy Bali is in a cool dry season, starting between April and October.

3. where the best places to stay,
A place to stay which was a favorite for every people with low budget traveler and backpacker's is in Kuta Beach. Kuta beach is apart from airports which close distance from Ngurah Rai International Airport, near the Kuta beach there are available hotels with pretty good services but have very cheap rates. These hotels are located on the Poppies Lane I and II. However, the hotel in Poppies Lane area of is not served booking service before you arrival at the day. At least you should be in area of Kuta when you looking for a place to stay. The best time to look for lodging in poppies lane is in during the daytime, ranging between 11-01 o'clock , because at these hours, visitors usually do a check-out from the hotel. So you have bigger chances to get available room if you arrive at area of Kuta at noon.

4. what will you do there,
Because Poppies lane close to Kuta beach, of course you can perform a variety of beach activities like surfing, sunbathing, or enjoying the Sunset at Kuta region. Also in Poppies lane, you can satisfy your shopping desires, there are many stores that sell a variety of knick knacks of Bali. To save your budget, do the best deals you can do for all of your transactions. Both for room rental, shopping, and rental vehicles.

5. what kind of appropriate transport.

To transport around Bali with a low budget, you can rent a motorcycle. The fee was around 50 thousand rupiahs per day. You can borrow a map from the hotel or the owner of a rented bike. Please, set you own goals. Want to Tanah Lot, Sukawati or Lake Batur, it's up to you.

Remember, there are so many option to make your low budget trips more efficent in Bali, do the best thing to do and enjoy your vacation for maximum. Happy on vacation

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Batu karas : Surfing at "Little Bali" in west java

From a distance, it appears two surfers danced over the waves that flowed toward the coast. They look so fun and enjoying the water sports, they moving to the right and left, following the flow of the waves. While on the beach, it appears some tourists was leaning enjoying the sunlight with a cold drink in hand. That was the atmosphere on the beach which is often referred to as Little Bali in western Java. Batu Karas is a living, working village which has been chosen by 'Lonely Planet' travel guide as one of Asia's most beautiful beaches for 2012 generated by the dark sand along the beach, lush greenery on the rock, and fantastic waves of the sea.

batu karas beach

Batu Karas is popular among surfers, nationally and internationally. In addition to a relatively flat beach, Batu Karas also has a small bay, so that surfers do not have to paddle too far to the starting point for wave. The main beach at Batu Karas region was named Legokpari Beach, located directly in front of the Hotel Java Cove. This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf. While for the professional surfer, beach Bulak Bendak is the right choice. On this beach, you can get a wall of long and high waves. The Beach is surely suitable for a professional surfer.

batu karas travel destination

How to get there

Batu Karas beach is located in the village of Batu Karas Cijulang District. Batu Karas could be achieved from Pangandaran to the west. From Pangandaran we can hire a motorcycle or ride a bus majoring to Cijulang. From Cijulang continued ride motorcycles to Batu Karas. The distance from Pangandaran to Batu Karas is about 40 kilometers, or about 1 hour away by car. The road to this location is very easy, and all along the way to tourist locations are also a variety of tourist destination options such as Batu Hiu and Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh).

The point at Batu Karas ( one of the best place to learn to surf )
Righthand pointbreak that rolls through a sand bottom bay in front of the Java Cove hotel for up to 400 metres. The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and easy at the shoulder section. After takeoff the wave mellows out with workable walls through to the far end of Batu Karas bay. This is because the point had sandbottom bay with tropical warm water means user-friendly conditions. Slow peeling waves means plenty of time to work on the basics and improve your style. And the last is Long waves with different sections. Move 'up the point' as your surfing improves - rolling walls in the middle of the bay, faster & hollower at the take-off.

The reefs at Batu Karas

Righthander with an easy takeoff that leads into fast walls unraveling over a lava reef. This high tide spot can turn on some real quality with clean walls to work on your top/bottom turn combo and down-the-line speed reeling to the beach for around 150 metres. Breaks from waist high to overhead.

Other options
There's other surf options accessible by car or boat if you're up for a bit of adventure. Plenty of beachbreaks nearby, and 40 mins drive from Batu karas is a lefthand barrelly reefbreak that works on small swells and is offshore with the tradewinds from June-Sept.

As one of paradise for surfers, Batu Karas mixtured by the beauty of Batu hiu beach and Pangandaran Beach. The beach is suitable as a place to swim and surf, as Batu Karas not only offers for the calm water but also a challenging wave. Beautiful black sand beach make this location as a perfect spot for vacation and surf , because the atmosphere is quiet compared to Pangandaran or even Bali.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The world's largest coral reefs area

If you are a fan of underwater tours, of course, you will admire the beauty of the various species of coral that grow on the seabed. Starting from Acropora digitifera species shaped like a round-table until types of Acropora cervicornis with a cylindrical shape with many branches. Coral reef can be interpreted as a collection of marine animals that form the reef, then similar symbiosis with other plants, such as algae or zooxanhellae. Due to the active biological activity below sea level, the physical structure of coral reefs formed of calcium carbonate sediments.

Most coral reefs are living on the edge of the sea, approximately 50 meters below sea level, and still exposed to sunlight which is used as oxygen for life. However, there is also a living coral reef deep down the sea without getting light or no longer require sunlight. Coral reefs, providing habitat for various species of marine plants, marine animals, and other marine microorganisms are not yet known. Many of the benefits generated by a coral reef on the seabed and do you know where is the center of world's largest coral reef? If you ever dive in Bunaken sea, banda sea, and the Raja Ampat Islands, you are definitely not wrong to answer the questions above. Indonesia! yup, Indonesia is the center of the world's largest coral reef.

The region with cluster of beautiful coral and largest in the world's is called coral triangle region. This area includes Filipinos, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. If the boundary line drawn surrounding coral reefs in the six countries, that's will resemble the shape of triangle. That is why the region is referred as the world's coral triangle.

Estimated from the total area of coral reefs in the world which reach 284 300 km2, 18% of them are in Indonesian territory. Total area of coral reefs in the triangle about 85 200 km2 . It also deals with Indonesia which as the largest maritime country in the world with 93 thousand km2 marine area. Today, the islands of Raja Ampat in West Papua is an archipelago with the highest number of coral species in the world.

Based on an ecological study led by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) by involving the experts of coral reefs and fish of the world in 2002, found about 537 species of coral and 1074 species of fish in the islands of Raja Ampat. The number of coral species in Raja Ampat is 75% of all the world's coral reefs have ever been found. Although the Caribbean islands in Central America and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia are well known, the region has only about 400 species of coral.

Several islands in Indonesia which is also has a fairly high coral species is the Komodo island (West Timor), Bunaken (North Sulawesi), Nusa Penida (Bali), Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi), Derawan Islands (East Kalimantan), and Cenderawasih Bay (Papua ). The archipelago are also being a major goal of nautical tourism, especially for diving. So it is not wrong if you go to Indonesia with the aim to dive in the beauty of the underwater panorama, because Indonesia is the center of largest coral reefs in the world's.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Where is the most famous beach in Bali ?

The island of Bali is known as the most famous Island in Indonesia for every world travellers. Do you know where is the most famous beach in Bali ? if you ask for every people that was visited Bali, they would answer Kuta beach. Yup, Kuta beach ! The large and busy beach in Bali for travellers. Kuta beach is a tourist place located in south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia, exactly in Badung regency. This area is a tourist destination abroad, and has become a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70's. Kuta beach are often called as sunset beach, has a wide range of 8km long including Legian, Seminyak, and Tuban. This is the most populous places for travelers beside the other tourist destination in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Why Kuta beach is so famous ?

The first thing that kuta beach offered is Sunset. Kuta beach location is facing to the west, where the Sun goes down and spread the last shine on that day. The charming orange yellow lights upon the dark of the sea, would bring another atmosphere for everyone who watch it. Many local and foreign tourists come to Bali because feel some weirdness for the sunset. Bring attention on your clock while enjoying the sunset, you will get the time reach 7 o'clock approaching the night. Essentially it's already dark. But there were brighter on the atmosphere. This occurs naturally as the sun changes, for those of you who want to enjoy the sunset in Kuta beach, do not forget to note the time of this sunset show, because it decided where the real enjoyment of your holidays.

The second things that makes Kuta beach being famous is the waves. Kuta beach is very popular with a very friendly waves for surfers, both for the novice and professional surfer. Try to enjoy this exciting water sports. If you do not have or carry the equipment, you can rent a surf board rental in many places scattered along the coast. By paying rent amounting to Rp 50 thousand - 150 thousand per hour, in addition to the board rent you will also get a short course of surfing instructors from the rental place. Under their direction, it only took 30 minutes to weave you can split the waves on the surf board.

And the last thing from many things that Kuta beach offered is the completeness of accomodation. Kuta has a lot of cheap lodging, scattered in various villages in this region. The inns are not located on the main roads, but they are hiding on the lane road . However, the rooms conditions that they offer are fit in either category. Many foreigners choose to live in such accommodation, especially those who are backpackers or travelers on a low budget. In addition to the cheap lodging, you too can experience glamorous nightlife in Kuta . There are so much variety of restaurants, pubs and various other nightclubs.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Morotai island : East Indonesia hidden paradise as a major on Indonesia sail event 2012

One years ago. Sail Wakatobi-Belitung had managed successfully. as in the quote that we see from http://menkokesra.go.id. Sailor from Florida, United States, Barbara, said the committee provides a stopover point in the series of 26 Sail-Belitong Wakatobi 2011. Each point has its own uniqueness. "It's great to see diversity in Indonesia. Every stop, I can have a new experience," said Barbara, Wednesday (10/12/2011). The results of Barbara's visit, show that Indonesia is much more beautiful than every information he ever got. It's so much beauty and variety. "If I had more time, we will stay longer at each transit point," he said.

Morotai Island Indonesia

And now The Indonesia sail event will be held at Morotai Island on September 2012 , Just like what the Official site of Indonesia goverment said on www.indonesia.go.id ; " The government decided to hold the Sail Morotai 2012 with the aim of supporting the development acceleration of Indonesia’s marine resources and celebrating the 67th Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day as well.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono through Presidential Decree Kepres No. 4/2012 that was signed on January 24, assigned the Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare, Agung Laksono, as Chairman of steering committee and Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs, Cicip Sutardjo, as Chairman of the Sail Morotai 2012 organizing committee."

What kind profile of Morotai island that will be as a host in 2012 Indonesia sail event ?

Morotai Island was one of the outer islands of Indonesia, located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and Philipine, has an area of 695 square miles / 1,800 km ². The island is located in North Maluku province and considered as the "Hidden paradise of East Indonesia". The island holds several natural beauty which is so stunning, on the sea and on the land. In addition, the island is also save a million memory of wars that occurred in World War 2. Because the location is quite strategic, Morotai Island became one of the base camp during the war between the Pacific allies with Japan.

And you still can find a variety of war relics including caves, grounding planes and war artifacts such as aircraft, armored vehicles and also the relics of the trinkets and even bottles of Coca-Cola from the 1940s. A total of 63 battalions landed at Cape Dehegila, Morotai Island Regency since 15 September 1944 under the leadership of the command of Commander of Division VII of the United States, Douglas MacArthur. The goal, pounding power of the Japanese soldiers who came to power in Asia, including Indonesia.

Because of this, several dive sites around the island of Morotai are stored some wreckage of World War II. The most famous Underwater wreck site is on the wreck of the Bristol Beuford, lying on depth of about 40m in the `Field Pante`, in the southern Morotai, near the village of Wama. Morotai is relatively new dive spots in Indonesia, the infrastructure is still fairly minimal, but also the number of visitors is very rare.

For those of you who like underwater adventure that challenges the `sense` with thick expedition, this location offers a journey that no one will forget. The combination of underwater walls with the romance of the history of World War II which is spread over more than 25 point dive.

Do not forget to visit the dodola island, located not far from the island of Morotai. Dodola island has a beautiful beach tourism that is very interesting, which is an island archipelago consisting of large dodola islands and small dodola. This island has a white sand beach and very beautiful, which is actually two islands are in one cluster or the land has its own appeal, when sea water was receding, we can truly enjoy the beauty of the islands attractions here and there are looks together with a connecting white sand, fine white sand, swim in the clear sea water, and take pictures decorated with blue sky, it gives more satisfaction for us to enjoy the beauty of nature here.

When sea water is tide of from the region then this looks like two islands are separated, this is the unique characteristic of the island of Morotai dodola. On this island you can see the Cave of with silent witness of a Japanese fugitive named Nakamura. In this cave Nakamura escaped and lived for 30 years ie from 1945 until 1975.

How to get there?

To reach the island of Morotai can be through three channels option
1. Using vessels from Ternate to Morotai for 12 hours, the schedule is twice a week with a rate Rp 50000.00.
2. From Ternate to Sofifi using a speed boat for 30 minutes with a rate Rp 25000.00 and then proceed by road (car) to Tobelo for four hours with the rental fee Rp 75.000,00. Pathway can be bypassed every day.
3. Using a pioneering flight from the airport Babullah Ternate to Galela and Morotai for 30 minutes with a ticket price of Rp 250.000,00 but the schedule only once a week.

Be prepare for the Indonesia Sail event of Morotai island on next September 2012 , and feel the beauty of Indonesian archipelago.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bantimurung waterfalls : The popular destination in South Sulawesi

Sulawesi island would be a paradise tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are so many beautiful and impressive attractions that we can visit on the island of Sulawesi. One of the most famous tourist attraction in southern Sulawesi province is Bantimurung waterfalls. Why Bantimurung tourist attraction is so popular ? If you've seen and heard information about Niagara Falls that was so well known in New york United States, thus Bantimurung Waterfalls, had little in common with Niagara Falls. But Bantimurung waterfalls just only have a width of 20 meters with a height of about 15 meters, with a discharge volume of water that quite a lot.

Bantimurung Waterfalls is located in Maros regency, Bantimurung District. With an area of ± 118 ha, Bantimurung consists of limestone rock which forms by steep hills on either side of the river Bantimurung. Bantimurung Waterfalls has water passage in form by wide rocky, bumpy, smooth and beautiful. Unlike most other waterfalls that create a trench in the water at crash site, then Bantimurung Waterfalls which 15 meters height does not create trench.

Other than because essentially form by hard rock area, as well as the contours of a sloping rock waterfall serves as a propagation, thereby reducing the power of hit Bantimurung Waterfalls. Under the waterfall flowthere was a bathing place of ground limestone and covered with a layer of hard minerals from the water flow for hundreds of years.

The depth of water inside natural pool of Bantimurung waterfalls is between the ankles to the waist. Bantimurung Waterfalls is a very popular with visitors to feel the crystal clear waterfall massage from. It is certainly spoil every tourist who comes to immediately soak enjoy the beautiful panorama around the waterfall. Besides having a waterfall, this tourist area is also habitat for many species of rare butterflies, so this place is dubbed as the "Kingdom of Butterfly".

Stone Caves and Cave of Dreams are also being the major attractions for visitors to Bantimurung. Because in there, we can explore those caves get a very unusual experience, inside cave we can see various kinds of stone reliefs formed by dripping water hanging on the ceiling of the cave that looks beautiful with crystal collection.

For the adventure-minded tourists, you can enjoy rafting sports inside this tourist area. the route taken is from the bottom of the waterfall to a suspension bridge which is located within Bantimurung, with notes ; the manager will provide rafting when the water conditions were great able to bring inflatable boats for rafting.

How to get there

1. From the center of Makassar, the location can be achieved using a motor, car or bicycle. ± distance takes 1-1 1/2 hours. If the rent of public transport, the cost of about Rp. 10,000-Rp. 15,000 / person.
2. If you come from Sultan Hasanuddin airport, tourist locations can be reached about 30-45 minutes by bike, car or public transport. Transportation costs incurred when using public transport, around Rp. 6,000 - Rp. 7500 / person
3. If you're in Center City Maros, tourist sites can be reached about 15-30 minutes by car or motorcycle (40 km / h).

Travel Tips

1. The best time to visit here is during the morning so as not to hot. Always wear sunblock with a hat are also prepared.
2. Admission price of Bantimurung National Parks: Rp 10,000
3. Beverage prices an average of 1.5 times more expensive than the normal price.
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