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Dive Sites of Bunaken Island, Manado, Sulawesi

Bunaken, the diving spot which highly compulsory for you to visit as a diver. Its beauty has been known to the world . Cluster of coral reef which lined up along the dive site has its own characteristics, and it's because the region of Sulawesi Sea is a marine areas that separate from the continental shelf in Indonesia. in this article we serve some of the information for diving sites in Bunaken, which we summarized from several sources.

Reef Basics

Great for: Small animals, wall dives, underwater photography, drift diving, reef life and health, dive value-for-money and advanced divers
Not so great for: Wrecks and non-diving activities
Depth: 5 - >40m
Visibility: 20 - 35m
Currents: Usually gentle but can be strong
Surface Conditions: Calm
Water Temperature: 27 - 30°C
Experience Level: Beginner - advanced
Number of dive sites: ~25
Distance: ~18 km north of Manado Bay (40 mins)
Access: Manado diving resorts
Recommended length of stay: 7 - 10 days


Mike Point
Many large and massive corals, black corals, sponges, big gorgonians and ascidians. Angelfishes, tilefish, large jacks, eagle rays, white-tip reef sharks and with luck big silvertip sharks.

Raymond Point
This wall with good hard, soft and whip corals growth very nice and is a home for many lobsters, angelfishes, butterfly fishes, big emperors, groupers, tunas, red snappers, sea snakes and stingrays. Sometimes the current horizontal and vertical.

With sometimes a strong current, the reef offers yellow tail fusiliers, parrotfish, batfishes, jacks, and wrasse also white-and black-tip sharks

Mandolin Point
In the deeper parts small caves, very beautiful reef top with many different hard and soft corals. Fishes like banner fishes, large angelfishes, fusiliers, damselfishes, butterfly fishes, big sweet lips, groupers, napoleon wrasse, turtles, sea snakes and barracudas.

Alung Banua
A nice reef top with many completely covered foliose and hard corals, also a very good topography with canyons and many small caves. Fishes like in Fukui Point. Ideal for night dives.

Fukui Point
Also called "Stingray Point", has a stepped profile, the reef top is at 3 meters and then slopes down with several shorts, but steep, drops. Well know for its rays, turtles, big barracudas, jacks, sweet lips, triggerfish, black snappers, spadefish, and napoleon wrasse, also bump head parrotfish.

Celah Celah
In the crook of the reef along the south site, the soft and hard corals growth good, many fishes like butterfly fishes, surgeonfish, parrotfish and also Napoleon wrasses.

Likuan I and II
Many canyons and cracks in the vertical walls. Here your chances are very good to see banner fishes, damselfishes, pyramid butterfly fishes, sea snakes, large emperor fishes, groupers, lionfish and scorpion fishes, Napoleon wrasse, turtles and sometimes white-tip reef sharks. The reef is filled with feather stars, gorgonians, black corals, giant sponges and ascidians.

Likuan III
Vertical walls with sandy slopes, many different hard corals. White-tip and black-tip reef sharks, barracudas, turtles and sometimes mantas.

Slope is growth very nice. A lot of soft corals and sea fang, but often very strong current.

Pangalisan and Bunaken Timur
Very good reefs. Many hard and soft corals. Fishes like: emperor fishes, parrotfish, jacks, dogtooth tunas, butterfly fishes, angelfishes, sea snakes, blue-tip stingrays, white-tip reef sharks and sometimes gray sharks and hammerhead sharks.

Sachiko Point
Big fishes prowl this steep wall included large tunas, turtles, banner fishes, damselfishes, large angelfishes, sweet lips and large emperors. White and black-tipped sharks resting in caves in the deeper parts.

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Visa Rules for Indonesia

Visa Rules for Indonesia

Indonesia Visa Rules - There are several types of Indonesia visas such as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Multiple-entry Visa (for business trips only) and Transit Visa. All travelers to Indonesia must possess passports, valid for at least six months after arrival, and proof of onward passage out of the country.

Visa Guidelines
Visas are not required for tourists who are nationals of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, The Philippines, Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR), Macao Special Administration Region (SAR), Chile, Morocco, Peru, and Vietnam.

Countries and districts eligible for a visa on arrival are: United States of America, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Norway, France, Poland, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Indonesia Visa Rules These visas can be obtained from the following airports on arrival:
Polonia (Medan), Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Pekan Baru), Tabing (Padang), Soekarno - Hatta (Jakarta), Juanda (Surabaya), Ngurah Rai (Bali), Samratulangi (Manado).

The following seaports also offer visa on arrival:

Sekupang, Batu Ampar, Nongsa and Marina Teluk Senimba (Batam), Bandar Bintan Telani Lagoi and Sri Udara Lobam (Tanjung Uban), Belawan (Belawan), Sibolga (Sibolga), Yos Sudarso (Dumai), Teluk Bayur (Padang), Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Padang Bai (Bali), Jayapura(Jayapura).

*NOTE: The information supplied here is meant as a guide only and is subject to change without warning. Therefore all travelers should check the visa and immigration details with the local Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

Visa Regulations Effective February 1, 2004, Indonesia has introduced wide ranging changes in the national visa-free and visa on arrival system. We've tried to summarize those changes here for your convenience.

Visa Free on Arrival
In the past the nationals of 48 nations were given a 60-day stay (visa free) upon arrival at an Indonesian international gateway.

Under the new rules effective February 1, 2004:

• Only 11 countries and territories are eligible for a "Visa Free" facility, they are: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Chile, Morocco, Peru and Vietnam.

• Nationals of the aforementioned countries and territories will be issued with a 30-day stay permit without charge upon presentation of a valid passport with 6 months remaining validity.

• The Visa Free Facility is not extendable or convertible into another type of visa.

Visa on Arrival (updated February 2010)
Effective Jan 26, 2010, visitors holding valid passports from certain countries can now only obtain a 30-days visa on arrival (VOA). The previous 7-day visa at US$10 has been abolished, hence this 30-days US$25 visa (renewable for an additional 30 days, cost for this extension has not been revealed yet) being the only visa that can be issued to eligible tourists. This VOA can be obtained at any of the 15 airports and 21 seaports designated as "international gateways" by the Indonesian Immigration department.
Nationals of the following countries are eligible to purchase a VOA:
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Panama, People's Republic of China, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

• The citizens of the aforementioned countries must hold a passport with at least 6 months remaining validity at the time of arrival, present a completed embarkation/disembarkation card provided by the airlines, be able to demonstrate they have sufficient means to live during their stay in Indonesia, not be listed on any official blacklist of individuals prohibited from entering the country, and pay the stipulated fee to obtain a visa.

• The Visa on Arrival cannot be converted into another class of visa.

• Immigration authorities promise the visa purchasing system will take no more than 3-5 minutes per applicant. Payment counters have been set up to process payments.

• Once payment is completed the tourist will proceed to an immigration counter for final inspection of documents and visa issuance.

Visa on Arrival at Limited Gateways
The visa on arrival facility will only be available at the following international gateways:

Airports: Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta), Halim Perdana Kusuma (Jakarta), Surabaya, Bali, Manado, Yogyakarta, Solo, Mataram (Lombok), Balikpapan, Makassar, Kupang.

Seaports: Batam, Tanjung Uban (Bintan), Belawan (Medan), Sibolga (Sumatra), Dumai, Teluk Bayar (Padang, Sumatra), Padang Bai (Bali), Jayapura (Papua), Padang (Sumatra), Bitung (North Sulawesi), Tanjung Balaikarimun, Tanjung Mas (Semarang), Kupang, Pare Pare (South Sulawesi), Makassar (South Sulawesi).

Applying for Visas Before Arrival
Citizens of countries not included on a visa-free or visa-on-arrival lists must apply for a visa overseas before arriving in Indonesia. Citizens of any country wishing to stay more than 30 days must also apply for an appropriate visa at their nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate before traveling to Indonesia.
It seems that a 60 day visa can be issued on request in most Asian countries for all nationalities within 2 days. You may check with your local Indonesian Embassy as well, where you will probably need to give a viable reason why you need a 60 day visa vs a 30 day visa.

Special Facilities

A certain number of special facilities are being introduced in connection with the new visa policy, including:

• Tour Agents are able to arrange express handling for groups at no additional charge by presenting the completed immigration cards, passports and applicable visa fee.

• Passengers who overstay their visa period for a short period of time can be processed immediately at the airport by paying US$ 20 for every day they "overstayed" their 30 day visa.

• Airlines that experience technical difficulties or delayed flights can apply for their passengers to be exempted from paying any "overstay" penalties.

Source: Bali Discovery

TIP: Make copies of your passport and keep them separate. Losing your passport in Indonesia will cause you quite a few inconveniences since you'll have to make at least one trip to your embassy in Jakarta. We advise to make copies of travelers cheques, health insurances, drivers licenses, credit cards and bills of photo and video equipment as well. In case of loss this can help you at the police station and later on to get your lost property replaced.

For Retirees:
Retirement in Indonesia The Immigration Department has issued the long-awaited revisions to regulations that allow the granting of temporary stay permits for those over 55 years of age. This facility to provide renewable stay permits of one year's duration was originally announced in 1998 (Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman No. M.04-IZ.01.02 tahun 1998). In the first few years after the regulations were issued few retirees were actually able to actually get the visa due to the strict requirements. Revisions to the regulations in April 2002 (decree by the General Director of Immigration in law No. F. 492-UM.01.10, April 18, 2002) brought the requirements within closer reach of the financial capabilities of most retirees.
Source: Living in Indonesia - Retirement. See there for more information.

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Lombok : Another Indonesia Paradise

Indonesia as an island country , have so many beautiful places to visit . Lombok is the one of tourism destination . Places near of Bali island on the East Indonesia which has a naturally beautiful panoramic , and the most of all is on the beach . The most popular is Senggigi Beach then Kuta beach , Gili Nanggu , Sekotong , and another beautiful places spread in this island. This island its not only provide the beach to make your traveling more satisfy , you can go to the north side and try a mountain climbing . Mount Rinjani with Segara anakan lakes in the middle of , will bring your imagination to the beauty of paradise.

Lets start to exploring this island ....

1.Sengigi Beach.

This is the most popular beach in Lombok island . Places on the north west of the island and takes 30 minutes from Selaparang airport . You will be spoiled with white sand and turquoise beach water . Enjoy with snorkeling activities to view coral reefs and another beautiful panoramic under the sea . This beach has a quite wave ocean ,so you will be more enjoying to dive in this beach .You can try the delights of the kinds of dishes / serving food typical of Lombok in the restaurants were lined up neatly on the edge of the beach. The price varies from US$3 to US$30 per person (July 2010). Of course, dining at seaside amusement burst of light illuminated by the moon and were entertained by the orchestra, the surf beach a pity if the pass up. No less interesting, tourists do not forget to taste the typical food servings Taliwang Lombok and the Chicken Rice. Almost every restaurant in Senggigi Beach, Lombok or in general, provides a serving of this dish While eating Chicken Rice Taliwang or, tourists will be entertained with typical Lombok arts, music and dance form. Even if you do not mind, visitors are also allowed to dance together in shades of joy and togetherness Still in this area , there more hotels and inns you can rent for a few days , the best premium hotel is in " Senggigi Beach Hotel & Pool Villa Club " , because its premium hotel , you have to spend your money US$250 at least for one night . Some places to stay that can be used as an alternative is the Holiday Inn, the Oberoi, Sheraton Senggigi, Melati Two Cottage, Pool Villa Club, Panorama Cottage, and others.

2.Kuta beach (Lombok)

This beach is also known as pepper beach, because sand grains are shaped like a pepper with a slightly yellowish-white color, if we're going to step on this sands , the foot-drowning and seemed to be rather difficult stepped your foot. And the other side from the hill , you will be amaze by sand that is like talcum powder. Your travel time is more or less than three-hour trip from the airport The distance between Mataram, Kuta is about 70 km.Look to the southern side and you can find this quite beach . Kuta beach in Lombok is still relatively quiet. Residents around still suffused atmosphere of rural life, with relatively simple buildings. The only belonging luxurious hotels is Novotel Hotel on the beach. The hotel was built in traditional style in the form of Sasak village houses made of wood and thatched palm leaf . The view from the hotel overlooking the sea was very beautiful and not many human hands touch. Natural view is the most offered from this beach ,If move more to the east side , you can find "surfers paradise" beach , placed at Gerupuk region . This beach is a multi surfer level , onshore side dominate by rookie , and the offshore dominate by pro surfer. Better to try to conquest the wave on this beach , delightful for your vacation will be more increase

3.Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu is the one island from many of Paradise island in lombok island .On the white sandy beaches and waves are calm, you can rest without worry disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the beach vendors, because Gili Nanggu is a private island which is inhabited only by administrators and staff. The enchantment of the sea has its own charm and is one of the main reasons many visitors who come every day to play on the beach. Just down a few meters into the ocean so the fish are colorful tame will come closer. There are also coral reefs and other marine animals are very beautiful.To reach this island, we just have to rent motor boat in Lombok mainland areas south Sekotong mop-sheet, and taken within approximately 20 minutes. And before crossing you better to hire snorkeling equipment on the island because the rent is more expensive, the rental side of + /- 50 thousand-negotiable package of course. And during the crossing we were treated to a panorama of the island of Lombok, with the background of barren hills and clear blue sea.

4.Mount Rinjani

This is the most different trip while enjoying Lombok island . Mount Rinjani 3726M . Mountain climbing yups , lot of people known the beauty of this mountain . With a lake in the middle of the mountain called Segara anakan , bring the delightful imagination for the nature , and sure different type of adventure to pumping up your adrenalin .Forests in Gunung Rinjani including heterogeneous and homogeneous forest types in certain regions. At an altitude of 1000 - 2000 masl can we find types of plants such as banyan (Ficus superb), Garu (Dysoxylum sp), Pterospermum, and plantations are planted population vegetables like cabbage, peppers, onions, potatoes as well.At an altitude of 2000 - 3000 maslThe dominant vegetation is the mountain pine (Casuarina junghuniana).At an altitude of 3000 masl to the top there are only a kind of grasses and perennial flowers (edelweiss). the most one beautiful of Mount Rinjani is the Segara Anak Lake that formed due to volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani. This lake is situated at an altitude of 2800 masl, is rich in fish and other flora and fauna.


Rinjani Summit (3726M)

5 - 8°C from 02:00-08:00AM

Segara Anak Lake (2000M)

Daytime: 14 - 18°C, Night: 11 - 14°C

Sembalun Crater Rim 2 (2639M)

Daytime: 15 - 20°C, Night: 10 - 12°C

Senaru Crater Rim 1 (2641M)

Daytime: 15 - 22°C, Night: 12 - 15°C

Pos 3 Pada Balong - Sembalun (1800M)

Daytime: 20 - 24°C, Night: 15 - 20°C

Pos 2 Tengengean - Sembalun (1500M)

Daytime: 22 - 26°C, Night: 18 - 22°C

Pos 3 Mondokan Lokak - Senaru (2000M)

Daytime: 20 - 24°C, Night: 15 - 20°C

Pos 2 Montong Satas - Senaru (1500M)

Daytime: 22 - 26°C, Night: 18 - 20°C

Overall Condition

From Pos 2 - Pos 3 Sembalun (East)

Mist from 12:00 - 18:00 PM

From Pos 2 - Pos 3 Senaru (North)

Light mist from 12:00 - 18:00 PM

Overall Visibility

100 - 200M

After 2000M - Up

Weather is clear but windy

From Sembalun Crater Rim to 2900M


After 3000M - Up to the Summit


To make your Rinjani mountain climbing , i suggest you to use an agent . it will need few more days to accomplish your adventure . And sure to make your trip more safety .


1.When to go
Lombok provide much variety of cultural and behavior . Juny -August is the best month to exploring this island.

2.Getting there
The best way is use air plane than waterway . you can choose domestic flight like Merpati Nusantara , Garuda Indonesia, or Lion air . To exploring Kuta beach , its better to rent a car , its because this island have minimum public transportation . Don't forget to bring cash money , ATM in this island isn't to much .

3.What to do
Lombok island is popular island with beach and sea , if you want to surfing , better try to go to Seger beach , Gerupuk beach or Tanjung Aan .

4.Where to stay
Try novotel international resort , resort with traditional sasak house .

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