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Mt. New Krakatoa and the story of.

" was killed 36.000 people. . . . "
White cloud that was suspended in clearly blue sky of Sunda straits make it looks very beautiful . Where the boat cleaved the water surface . . Prevently there come a big grey shadow who crawl the sky . Strong and wild , standing in the midle of the sea , between three green hills that surroundings on.

It is the youngest of Mt. Krakatoa . Stand behind the biggest history who was shocking almost half of the entire world. Krakatoa is being famous since 27 august 1883 , because the giant eruption of this mount. A big disaster who was came in to the world . The sound of eruption was heared within the radius of 4.600 kilometers from center of eruption . And it has killed more than 36.000 people who lived in around this mountain . The most are die by Tsunami wave .

Before it vomitted up . Krakatoa is a big island that performed by three volcanos , one is Rakata , then Perbuatan and the other one is Danan . After that Mt. Perbuatan and Mt. Danan was disapear and just a little bit of Mt. Rakata . This disaster has left three new mount . And now it called Sertung island, Rakata island (Big krakatoa), and Panjang island (Little krakatoa).

Rakata have the highest from the other . And it have 813 m above the sea level . In 44 years later . At December 1927 , there goes a new vomit up in the centre of that three island . And now it called Mt. Anak krakatau . This new volcano have 315 m high above sea level .
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