Friday, 30 September 2011

Make sure your home is safe while on vacation

TICKETS plane and lodging are booked. Now you have to wait a matter of days ahead of Christmas and New Year holidays. When the time comes, you're ready to go with the shadow of a variety of vacation pleasures either inside or outside the country. Before leaving home make sure you set up security.

To ensure the home remains safe during the holidays, you can follow the five tips to follow:

1. Involve neighbors

For people who are closest in the home environment, ask for help from neighbors to keep the house as long as you are on vacation. Or leave the house with close family around your neighborhood. Make sure you also provide contact numbers at any time if there are problems associated with the house. Once again, be sure to give something as a thank you a souvenir from your holiday location or other objects.

2. Leave some lights on

Ask your neighbors to turn on some lights when night comes. This is to make sure people know there is activity in your home. Ask them also to turn off the lights when the morning. When the light stays on during the day chances are people will know if no one is home.

3. Stop all deliveries

One thing that shows if your house is empty is the number of newspapers lying on the front porch. You certainly do not want this to be something that triggers the loss of important objects in the house. So, to temporarily stop subscribing newspapers until you return from vacation. If anyone is going goals of the goods, you can ask him to send it on the date of return.

4. Turn off your electronic items that do not need

Make sure the electronic items already in dead condition when you leave. In addition to maintaining security, it also serves to save on costs if you are on vacation in a long enough period of time.

5. Do not boast

Finally, some of you might want to brag about the vacation that will be done, but it's worth saving that story until you have returned home. Tell it to someone you trust. Need to be cautious when it comes to precious objects at home.

Security measures to pass a relaxing holiday can be started from home. Not until here, wait for the next tips will also be useful during your vacation

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lombok : Suitable places to surf at Gerupuk bay

SURFING is a sport that usually take place on the high waves. This sport is done by using a plank as a tool to maneuver on the waves. Certainly has not lost in the memories of the surfing world class and amateur if Bangko Bangko that was located at the southwest corner of this exotic island of lombok became a favorite place to surfing, at least they have admitted and proven virulence waves all the time teasing and sucking thousands of fans to take part in this program . Besides bangko-bangko, places the most exotic and spectacular surfing on the island will be awaiting the arrival of the surf and who want to learn to surf for the pleasure to pumping up your adrenalin while sipping the waves. Besides the influence of the season gave the greatest contribution to mark the moments of the most amazing surfing.

South-Central coast of Lombok are dealing directly with the Indonesian Ocean. White sand beaches that extend along the South Lombok with big waves suitable for surfing . One example is the Gulf Gerupuk, about 5 kilometers from the Hotel Novotel Coralia Lombok. In this bay there are five points (places) are very suitable for surfing. Five places to surf in the Gulf Gerupuk is named for the name of the town's most visited tourist. Surf on the beach Perigi called Tokyo Bay Point or Bumbang.

The name is in accordance with the surfers who do a lot of surfing in this place that is from Japan. So also in Batulawang called Kodomo Point, Giligolong (obai / rolacosta), Dondon (Kamek point) and Terasak (Measure-roots). Unfortunately, to get to the fifth point is, at least the tourists have to cross using a boat through the crossings at the Beach Gerupuk. Similarly, if the tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea in three Gili in North Lombok, they have to wade through the Cape Coast Ward.

Gerupuk is the most popular break in Kuta. There are two main breaks here, although some others pop up in the right conditions. You need to hire a boatman from the village to access the breaks (Rp 70,000 for 1 person, Rp 40,000 per person for 2, and Rp 30,000 each for more). The boat will wait while you surf. To get here, take a ride east for 7 km (about 10-15 min), and pay the Rp 1,000 parking fee.

Inside Gerupuk: Insides is located in a sheltered bay and is good for beginners. The floor is a soft reef bed which doesn't cause much damage. The wave breaks both left and right here, and can get busy. Ocean Bar is located a short paddle away from the break (floating on the sea) and offers cold drinks, fruit and basic food

Outside Gerupuk: Cannot be seen from the village, it's a short boat ride away. Outsides is generally the most reliable bet for a surf - there is nearly always something to surf here (even in low swell conditions). The wave is a right hander and can be quite heavy.

The most travelers fond in Gerupuk bay are the Japanese tourists. By October to March is the month of origin tourists from japan were visit this destination beach . While other tourists from the United States, Australia and other Europeans often surf in June, July and August.
In the holiday season, tourists from Indonesia (local tourist) Jakarta, West Java and Yogyakarta is also not miss to enjoy the beauty of surfing in the Gulf Gerupuk.

Batur lake festival 2011 : Kintamani., Bali

The world has been widely known as one of the destinations Kintamani Bali, a place where the beautiful panorama of Lake Batur and the volcano is capable of creating harmony reassuring. And in order to further enliven again the belle of tourism in Bangli regency,There are many attractions in Bangli that has promising potential to be visited. Among other things, tourist attraction of Lake Batur, the will, Penglipuran, Writing and other tourist attractions. In addition, Bangli also has agrotourism and ecotourism attraction, where all that has been equipped with support facilities improvements and pre attraction. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has prepared a Festival of Lake Batur in 2011 to be held on 10 to October 12, 2011 later.

The festival will be centered in the village of dock Kedisan such, the event organizer has prepared a variety of interesting activities, such as Balinese food festival (which was attended by famous chefs from some of the starred restaurants in Bali), the festival of fruit, activity tracking, as well as race racing boat around Lake Batur. As the lid, at the peak of the event will be held the "City Tour" which will be attended by 15 countries in the world.

Event schedule

Monday, October 10, 2011
10:00 Opening ceremony "Batur Lake Festival 2011"
10:05 Organization Report by the Director General of Tourism Marketing DR. Nirwandar
10:15 Welcome remarks by the Regent of Bangli
10:25 Message from the Governor of Bali Province
10:40 Message from the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, Ir. Wacik, SE at once inaugurate the event
11:00 Performance: Koes Plus
11:30 Competition: Festival Food and Fruit Carving
13:30 Work Shop Space Tourism in Gunung Api Batur Museum Meeting Competition Announcement
15:30 Performance: Koes Plus

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
04:00 Competition Hiking on Mount Batur
10:00 Festival Opening Day Lake Batur KNCN 2 + Quiz
10:10 Kano Powerboat at Lake Batur
13:00 Reception of participants Tour d'Indonesia by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, Ir. Wacik, SE
13:30 Performance:  Singer : Ebiet G.A.D
14:40 Announcement of Competition and Quiz
15:10 Entertainment Local Arts

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The most 10 world's largest lakes

The lake is a basin in the earth's surface that contains water. The lake may have benefits as well as functions such as for irrigation rice field irrigation, livestock and gardens, as an object of tourism, as hydropower or hydroelectric power, as a place of business land fishery, as a source of water supply for living things around as well as flood control and erosion. Ten lakes are listed as the world's largest lakes, fauna and biological diversity, here they are the ten lakes.

Lake Nyasa is the most southerly of the great African Rift Valley lakes. It is about 560 km long and has a greatest width of about 75 km. In contrast with Lake Tanganyika, it consists of a single basin with greatest depth of about 706 m near the western shore about 45 km north of Nkhata Bay. It lies between 9:30-and 14:30S at an altitude of about 500 m in a tropical climate. However it lies far enough south of the equator to experience marked seasonal variations in wind, temperature and precipitation.
Location: Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania
Area (km ²): 30,044
Length (km): 579
Maximum depth (m): 706.

9. Great Bear
Great Bear Lake, 31 328 km2, elevation 156 m, lies astride the Arctic Circle in the northwestern Northwest Territories, about 200 km south of the Arctic Ocean. It is 320 km long, up to 175 km wide and very deep - 413 m at one point. A string of interconnected lakes to the south - Hottah, Hardisty, Rae, Faber - is drained by the Camsell River into Conjuror Bay. Great Bear Lake lies in a vast wilderness, with the south and west arms reaching into the tundra and the east shore lapping the hard rock edge of the Canadian SHIELD.
Location: Canada
Area (km ²): 31 328
Length (km): 373
Maximum depth (m): 82

8. Baikal
Lake Baikal or also known as Blue Eye of Siberia and the Holy Sea is the deepest and oldest lake in the world and the most (in content) bargaining water on Earth. This lake contains more than 20% of the world's fresh water and more than 90% of freshwater Russia.
Location: Russia
Area (km ²): 31,500
Length (km): 636
Maximum depth (m): 1741

7. Tanganyika
This lake is the largest and deepest canyon lake in deepest Africa or number two in the world and save the largest freshwater reserves in the Western Rift in the Great Rift Valley and is in the area of ​​four countries, namely Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.
Location: Tanzania, Republic of Congo
Area (km ²): 32,893
Length (km): 676
Maximum depth (m): 1435

6. Aral
Aral Lake is a lake located in Central Asia. The lake is flanked by Kazakhstan (Aktobe Province and Kyzylorda) in the north and Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan) in the south. The name of this lake can be roughly translated as "Sea Islands", which refers to more than 1,500 islands that ever existed in this lake.
Location: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Area (km ²): 59,596
Length (km): 397
Maximum depth (m): 229

5. Michigan
Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes in North America that restrict U.S. states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Chicago is the largest city on Lake Michigan.
Location: United States
Area (km ²): 58,016
Length (km): 517
Maximum depth (m): 281

4. Huron
Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes United. Is that all three of the estuary. Such as Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior, the lake is also shared between the United States and Canada.
Location: United States, Canada
Area (km ²): 59,596
Length (km): 397
Maximum depth (m): 229

3. Victoria
Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza (also known as Ukerewe) is the largest lake in Africa, the world's largest tropical lake, and the second largest freshwater lake in surface area of ​​the world after Lake Superior. The lake is located in the highlands in the western Great Rift Valley of Africa and regulated by Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.
Location: Tanzania, Uganda
Area (km ²): 69,485
Length (km): 322
Maximum depth (m): 82

2. Superior
Lake Superior is the largest North American Great Lakes that restrict Ontario in Canada, and Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the United States. He is the largest freshwater lake in the world in surface area.
Location: United States, Canada
Area (km ²): 82,414
Length (km): 616
Maximum depth (m): 406

1. Caspian
Caspian is a landlocked sea between Asia, Azerbaijan, Iran (province of Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan), Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and Europe (Russia), Dagestan, Kalmykia and the Astrakhan Oblast. He is the largest inland body of water, with a surface area of ​​371,000 km ², and therefore has the characteristics possessed by the sea and lakes. He is often ranked as the world's largest lake, though it does not contain fresh water but salt water.
Location: Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran
Area (km ²): 394,299
Length (miles): 1199
Maximum depth (m): 946

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Festival & Travel Mart 2011 : Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua province, Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, and the smaller island of Kofiau. It encompasses more than 40,000 km² of land and sea, which also contains Cenderawasih Bay, the largest marine national park in Indonesia. It is a part of the newly named West Papua (province) of Indonesia which was formerly Irian Jaya.

Raja Ampat has a population of 50,000 inhabitants. Most of the work as fishermen and ecotourism, which is developing the last seven years. Raja Ampat Regency who was born in 2003 has a 429,462 hectare conservation area. Raja Ampat consists of four main islands, namely Salawati, Wajeo, Lisol, and Batanta, with 640 islands of Little Raja Ampat . This regions are now become one of the destinations of foreign tourists interested in nautical tourism. Crystal clear waters, coral reefs, which became the spawning fish, and beautiful ornamental fish became the main attraction area.

Raja Ampat traveling destination held more charm to unspoiled , and would be promoted to the international community through the Festival & Raja Ampat Travel Mart which will be held 20 to 23 October 2011 at the Coastal Travel Waisai Raja Ampat. Head of Department of Culture and Tourism Destinations Raja Ampat Regency Ramadei Niko explained that the Festival and Travel Mart this year Raja Ampat is organizing the second times.

During the festival period, a series of activities will be held, among other arts and cultural performances, photo contest scene, underwater photo competition, exhibition, seminar on submarines, as well as training of Papuan ethnic cooking seafood. Some details of the festival is Underwater Photo Competition, Paddle Boat Race, the orientation of the water, beach sports like volleyball, etc., and local cultural attractions. Local cultural attractions will be presented by the Raja Ampat and participants from other districts.

Festivals & Travel Mart will also feature Raja Ampat Raja Ampat community cultural attractions. Two famous attraction is the proficiency using traditional boats used in the ancestors across the sea and eating habits of local communities in mangrove fruits.

Raja Ampat Marine Festival scheduled to become an annual event to increase the flow of tourists. Currently, there Papua Baliem Valley Festival in Wamena Jayawijaya, Asmat Festival, Festival Kamoro in Timika and Jayapura Sentani Lake Festival.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Solo vacation : FUN !

Doing your own travel is not something that will make your own might feel uncomfortable. This could be a pretty powerful stress reliever. Many things fresh and unique things that we can get during the tour itself. In addition to refreshing the mind, we can also add a personal insight to the outside world, and will certainly be fun if we can find various solutions in every problem that existed during the trip. However, it must have good planning before you make a trip alone. If you are considering a vacation alone, the following are travel tips that have been tested and can make your trip easier:

 Buy books solo traveler
Accommodation, restaurant hangout and be fully registered with independent travelers. By knowing these places you will have many opportunities to connect with various people who have the same purpose.

Check the meeting place of independent travelers
Some guide books (such as Lonely Planet series) contains a list of them. Many cities that have a place renowned for independent travelers, ranging from bookstore to cafe for young people with bulletin boards and calendars of local events. It's like a treasure trove of cheap list for the tour, traveling companions, or social gatherings where you can join.

Started by smart
Even if you do not want a structured, book accommodation at least be in getting advice on your first night. It may cost you more than you want to spend the rest of the way to the inn, but this makes everything easier. Most importantly be sure you're not tired when trying to get it all together.

Avoid things that can interfere
Always trust your instincts. If you really are being harassed, go to the store or hotel, and explain that you are a tourist and there are people who upset you. Then ask can they help by calling the police or tell someone annoying to go?

Dress conservatively
If you are a woman you should take the instructions of local women how to dress, this way at least you do not attract the attention of others.

Talk to strangers
Some of the most meaningful travel experiences come from spontaneous invitations to join someone, family or group for dinner or other activities. As much as possible to talk with them, even if you do not speak their language, a smile is a surefire way.

Eating alone
Eating alone in comfort is a skill you will quickly develop. Select a cafe or restaurant with many people. Consider sitting on a table and watch the food prepared. Bring reading or doing something like writing for example. Once again, use the smile to reach out and make contact with the visitors so that you can find someone to talk to.

Avoid romantic destination
Ask yourself whether your desired destination is perfect for honeymooners. If yes, then avoid this location.

Some of these tips might help before you travel alone, but most importantly you have to take risks.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The most luxurious and expensive hotels around the world

Stay or celebrate a honeymoon in a five-star hotel has its own nuances for the audience, prestige, lifestyle and comfort of course, be one reason for self-esteem  to show  how a bona fide millionaire. And this is a row of ten five-star hotel's most expensive and most luxurious found around the world.

10. Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Vendôme, Paris, France

The ultimate in Parisian elegance is yours in this bi-level 200 sq m apartment-style suite with a spacious foyer, living/dining areas with a grand piano, kitchen and separate bedroom with a king bed. Enjoy three grand terraces with rooftop Paris views, plus endless luxuries, such as walk-in closets, high-speed Internet access and fine contemporary artwork. The suite also offers the comfort of an In-Suite Spa, including a whirlpool bath (balneotherapy), an incredible gold mosaic steam room/shower, massage area with treatment bed, hairdresser’s chair and dedicated area for additional pampering.
Rates: £ 9,865

9. Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V, Paris, France

The palace par excellence, the Four Seasons Hotel George V is a jewel of elegance and refined sophistication in the heart of Paris. Behind its superb Art Deco façade, step into the realm of excellence. You will be impressed by the abundance and beauty of the exquisite flower arrangements enhancing the lobby, the interior court, the superb restaurant “Le cinq”. The Four Seasons Hotel George V provides an outstanding service, discretely attentive and courteous. You will spend memorable moments in this world of ultimate luxury.
Rates: £10.185

8. Royal Armleder Suite, Le Richemond, Genewa, Swiss

Set on the banks of Lake Geneva, overlooking the famous Jet d’Eau, with the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the historic Le Richemond is one of the most prestigious hotels in Geneva. The hotel has been a destination for international travellers since 1875, when it was an upmarket guesthouse with just 25 rooms, owned by Adolphe-Rodolphe Armleder.
Rates: £11.120

7.Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Designed to resemble a billowing sail, Burj Al Arab soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai skyline. Illuminated at night by choreographed lighting representing water and fire – Burj Al Arab is simply individual, inspired, impressive
Rates: £11.435

6.Ritz-Carlton Suite, The Ritz-Carlton, Moskow, Rusia

Escape to one of the premier Moscow, Russia hotels and take a captivating journey to a place where legends and history surround you at every turn. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow lies at the edge of the famed Red Square – the site of countless coronations, conflicts and celebrations. Today, this symbolic space serves as a cultural epicenter of one of the world’s great cities and invites visitors to share in its many wonders, just moments from our hotel in Moscow, Russia.
Rates: £11.570

5.Bridge Suite, The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

the premier luxury resort destination in the Bahamas, the Bridge Suite is Royal Tower’s premiere accommodation. Royal Towers Bridge Suites offer guests spectacular views and ten sumptuous rooms full of unique amenities—including a 1,250-square-foot living room with a grand piano and twin entertainment centers, a dining room capped with a 22-karat gold chandelier and truly spacious bedrooms. The suites have 12-foot ceilings throughout with full length windows looking out from the bridge spanning Royal Towers’ 23rd floor. Bridge Suites also offer vacationers a permanent staff of seven, who access the rooms via a private entrance.
Rates: £15.890

4.Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Genewa, Swiss

The Hotel President Wilson, a Luxury Collection Hotel, is equipped with all the amenities that define luxurious living, including Spa, beauty centre and hairdresser, Fitness Centre open 24/24 (access is free for in-room guests). During summer time, enjoy the exclusive Pool Terrace overlooking the spectacular Lake Geneva and the Alps! Hotel President Wilson has positioned itself as a well-renowned international conference venue. The conference and meeting facilities meet the expectation of a high class meeting and offer exclusive services such as business centre and free Internet access in public areas.
Rates: £20.975

3.Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York, AS

This highly anticipated suite at the pinnacle of Manhattan's tallest hotel is a collaboration between owner Ty Warner, designer Peter Marino and architect I.M. Pei, who came out of retirement to join in the creation of America's most exclusive accommodation. With cantilevered glass balconies and floor-to-ceiling bay windows, set beneath 25-foot (7.6-metre) cathedral ceilings, the Ty Warner Penthouse offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of all Manhattan.
Rates: £21.580

2.Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, AS

This 10 million dollar accommodation features contemporary and luxurious modern amenities, and is the most expensive unit out of of the 101 Fantasy Suites and top 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas contains floor to ceiling windows that hold captivating views of Las Vegas, and the distant strip.
Rates: £25.380

1. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athena , Greece

Grand Resort Lagonissi welcomes you to enjoy a seafront paradise, set on a 72-acre verdant peninsula. Boasting twenty exclusive sandy beach coves and lush natural beauty the resort is nestled in a magnificent private peninsula offering breathtaking sunsets and views to inspire.The resort provides endless choices of luxurious accommodations, all on the waterfront with direct access to sandy beaches or to the sea. Deluxe rooms with stunning sea views, bungalows with private pools, suites with gym quarters and villas with private spa areas, compose the Grand Resort’s luxurious scenery. The latest in comfort of technology pervade every single room combined with sleek interiors creating an ambience of residential charm and unparallel beauty.
Rates: £31.725

South Sulawesi : Selayar and Takabonerate dive paradise

Selayar island is the center of maritime tourism in South Sulawesi province, it is supported by the National Marine Park Takabonerate which has the third largest atoll in the world, after the Marshall Islands and the Maldives. Selayar sits in the Flores Sea and is the gateway to Takabonerate National Sea Park. The beach on Selayar island have a white sand and clear water. You can swim or just relax on the beach while enjoying the natural beauty around Selayar island. In addition to the green hills, you can also see the cluster of rocks called the edge or fringing reef that extends seaward as far as 200 meters. Reef edge cluster is only visible when the sea water was receding. Cluster is adjacent to the edge of the coral reef barrier or a very wide reef barrier, the area is called Takabonerate.

Even more interesting in this Selayar Island is very strategic to conduct maritime activities throughout the year, where the west when the season arrives, activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing can be done on the east coast of the island Selayar. Vice versa when the season arrives east then the activity can be done on the west coast of Selayar island.

If you want to dive, at the seaside resort island of Selayar there that provide facilities for diving. In addition to the Bali and Raja Ampat Islands, Irian Jaya, you can enjoy the underwater world charm that is not less amazing from Selayar Island. Selayar Island is famous for its underwater beauty and wealth. Selayar District itself has a coral reef with an area of about 1 million hectares or 50% of the total area Selayar District. The unique barrier and fringe reefs allow for exploration, as well as the challenge of steep walled drop-offs.

Many divers say the diving environment is more beautiful than Bunaken National Park in Northern Sulawesi, which enjoys developed tourism and is promoted successfully to the world. Selayar on the other hand is a gem of unspoilt beauty, pristine nature and clear waters; a secret find on planet earth. The diving around Selayar Island, especially the extensive atolls of Takabonerate east of the island, is said to be some of the best in Indonesia, which is really saying something.

There are just two dive resorts on the island, although there may also be one on the mainland of Sulawesi near the island. Getting to Selayar involves flying to Makassar, then driving to Bira on the south coast of Sulawesi, and finally taking a boat to your resort. The resorts will handle all the arrangements for your transfer.
Selayar Island Dive Resorts
Takabonerate lies southwest of Selayar island . Spread over 2,220 square kilometer (21 small islands) in the Flores Sea, there are coral reef and seagrass ecosystems. The atoll offers some very good wall diving. Visibility is normally around 30 meter. The atoll rises sharply from the side of a submerged ridge 2,000 meter below the surface. It is said to have been a huge volcano, that has since subsided, leaving a wide ring of coral.  Diving is normaly done in the untouched areas. There seem to be a lot of fish such as the wahoo, barracuda, giant trevally, marlin, sailfish, yellowfins, dogtooth tuna and mackerels. There are some nesting areas for sea turtles on the islands.


This drift drive offers excellent visibility of about 30 meters and a massive population of lion fish. The wall drops to about 50 meters with a rather strong current caused by the mixing of waters from the east and west coasts of this elongated island. The atoll rises sharply from the side of a submerged ridge 2,000 meters below the surface. Once a huge volcano, it has since subsided, leaving a wide ring of coral. The waters inside the atoll are magnificent turquoise, surrounded by the deepest blue imaginable. And they are rich with 158 species of unique corals.Visibility is normally about 30 meters and the wall seems to extend downward forever. The growth of cirak and garganians was excellent and schools of jacks cruise the wall. In the huge cuts and crevices in the wall, we see giant groupers, Napoleon wrasses, sea turtles, lion fish and moray eels.

How to get there :

Makassar, South Sulawesi to Selayar Island
Road/Ferry: Makassar to Selayar by rental car/bus /ferry combination – 8-9 hours
Air: SMAC Air Charter - Makassar to Selayar (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) – 40 mins
SMAC Office in Selayar (0414) 21361/081355222282
Selayar Airport (0414) 2700099/085242016932
SMAC do not have a website. It is highly recommended to make arrangements through the local tourism office.


Selayar Island Resort – Baloyia Beach – 9 kms from Benteng
The resort is located about mid-way down the west coast of the island, and has a dive center on the east coast as well. Rooms have air conditioning and many other modern conveniences. Offers beachfront bungalow accommodation and access to 50 world-class dive sites, sloops and walls

Selayar Dive Resort
Located on the east coast near the southern tip of the island. There's a mix of accommodations on offer, some with air conditioning. Swiss and German management.

The Culture and Tourism Office of Selayar Regency
Lists several hotels, guesthouses, cottages and home-stays in Benteng. The friendly staff can answer any of your questions, arrange a tour guide, liaise with SMAC air, arrange traditional wooden boats trips and recommend restaurants. Most speak English

Annual Takabonerate Island Festival
Selayar Island has hosted the The Takabonerate Island Expedition since 2009. The festival is held in October every year. Highlights of the festival includes an International Fishing Competition (open to everyone), a Cultural Festival featuring music and dance from the 23 different regencies of Sulawesi and an Underwater Exhibition, including 300 naval divers competing in technical dive techniques

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