Sunday, 23 November 2008

Where is the longest cave in the world ?

Hiding behind the surge landscape in the midle-south of kentucky state , U.S.A, There is the longest cave in the world : Mammoth Cave . It called Mammoth is not from the name of an elephant who was lived in ice periode , but because of it have a big dimension . This cave have at least 365 mil (587 km ) subway line.

Mammoth cave is being formed in 10 million years ago , when the soluble lime rocks, remainder bottom of the old sea, scraped by rain and stream flow from the surface, the power of water scraped makes a big hole in lime rocks and created a caves and tunnels in Mammoth cave.

Since 1800, Mammoth cave have been visited by tourist and scientist . Mammoth National Park establish on 1941 when almost of 53.000 acre (21.448 hectare) be separate for cave conservation and support environment. This National Park have many of flora and fauna , and a little bit of them are threatened to be extinctly, including five types of fish that only found in this cave .


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