Sunday, 23 November 2008

Orca hunting technique

Do you remember about "free willy " film ? When a fish jumped up above a young child . . . Yes . . It have a scientific name and it called "ORCA" , Orcinus Orca , precisely .

Orca is the biggest formed from dolphin family . The color of their body makes a big differences with dolphins . The colors are black , white and grey . Male orca can reach 5 - 9 m with 9.000 kg of weight. And they can live until 50 years. And for female orca can reach 5 - 8 m with 8.000 kg of weight and they can life until 80 years old.

Orca can find in anywhere , but the most is in a cold sea. They live in groups with small family. Orca likes to eat an animals with hot blood type , they eat much variouses of fish , squirrel family , and sometimes they eat sea birds .
Orca Patagon in Argentina has perfected their hunting in off shore. They throw away their body to the sand to catch up a walrus child who stay on the sea side ,eventhough it dangerous their life.

Orca uses sea canal in the deep blue sea on Punta Norte beach to the sandy mainland through two rocky area where the walrus are grow. Orca waiting for the walrus on the sea and watch them until it close to the sea margin. They use sonar to detect prey passing through in canal and then they slide straight to the beach. Orca will landing on the beach with a half of their body outside the water with eat a walrus .
With a victim on their mouth , orca will moving wild their head and body to follow wave which it can bring back to the sea.


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