Saturday, 15 November 2008

Slamet Mountain(3,481 m)

Mt. Slamet is the second highest mountain in Java. There are three routes leading to the mountain; one from west side of the mountain , one from baturaden and another from bambangan, out of which is the shortest route to the mountain. To go to bambangan , we should travel from purwokerto to purbalingga and from purbalingga to bobotsari, you can take it by small bus.In the middle of the route to bobotsari it through a serayu village. We go down and get another transportation to go to bambangan village . We can travel through villages surrounded by many trees to penjangan village by truck .

This is the last village that allows cars and vehicles to pass through. It takes 1 hour trekking to bambangan from penjangan village , or if we want to be faster , we can rent a motorcycle that called 'ojek' to go to information center at the village headman of bambangan . His name is Mr. Muheri, but unfortunately he has die by motorcycle accident in purwokerto , and now his wife and son take the lead and make a permission to guiding every mountaineering who want to climb this mountain . We may take a rest in this place .

To climb this this mountain , we should move toward the mountain until we see a welcome gate . After this gate the path is bifurcation , and we better walk to the rightward . We will come across vegetable garden , pine woods and a beautiful tropical forest on the uphill . Before reaching samarantu (2,900 m high) we will find bench for rest and old dilapidated hut, where mountaineers usually take a rest or an overnight stay.

Climbing for about an hour, we will reach sampiyan jampang and that is border of the forest where we can take a look at the sunrise. To reach the peak , we shall climb through strenuous route full of lava lumps for about 1 hour. From the peak , we can enjoy exotic panorama towards a broad lava plain and an active crater as well. A huge explosion happened in this crater on july 13, 1988. It will spend 6 hour to climb from bambangan to samarantu , and another 2 hours to the peak . From the peak back to samarantu only takes about 4 hours.


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