Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sumbing Mountain (3,371 m)- Sundoro Mountain(3,136 m)

The shape of Mt. Sumbing and Mt. Sundoro are identical, conical in shape. It shows that these two mountains originated from the same source and periode. They are separated by main road connecting Wonosobo and Magelang. To go to Mt. Sundoro from Magelang we may travel by bus to Wonosobo and get off at the highest place in Kledung village. Comming to the village we should meet the village headman, to obtain information and guidance about the mountain . If we wish , we can stay at the village headman's house as there is no inn or special place to have a rest. Since there is no water available throughout the journey , we should prepare water in this village .

The path behind the village headman's house is the track leading to the mountain. Walking along this path through the vegetable garden for about 1 hour , we will reach pine forest and straight up to the peak of the mountain . Close to the peak we may turn the hill from left to right towards the peak. Journey from kledung village to the peak takes about 8 hours and about 5 hours to return to the village. Every year on 1st Suro (New Year in Moslem / Javanese Calendar) local people climb the peak to celebrate the New Year. To reach the peak oe Mt. Sumbing , we may continue traveling by bus from kledung village towards Wonosobo. We get off at Garung village's gate , where the main street begins incline. The journey from garung gate to the village takes nearly 1 hour. There is no inn in the garung/butuh village , so the mountaineers may stay overnight in the village headman's house, as well as obtain information about the mountain. Through the path behind the village houses , we can continue trekking through vegetable garden and steep path like in the tunnel. As we pass acacia garden we will reach a grassy incline plain, where we can look at the peak . Climbing through the mountain ridge became more strenuous and we will find a big stone in the way, which functions as a shelter when the wind is blowing very hard. We spend another 1 hour to reach the peak from this place .

The peak of Mt. Sumbing is a small kaldera , having diameter about 800 m, with 50-100 m depth , and some small conical peaks. We can enjoy an exotic panorama, as there are many salfataras in the Caldera, where the sulfuric gas continuously blows. To reach the highest peak we have to turn right down and clim again . Journey from butuh to the peak of Mt. Sumbing takes nearly 8 hours whereas the return journey takes nearly 5 hours . We should obtain water sufficiently in garung village since there is no water on the way.


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