Friday, 20 April 2012

Kupa-Kupa beach : north Halmahera

North Halmahera located in Maluku islands. It has so many interesting natural beauty for you to visit. Coastal areas is the best place for you during your tour in North Halmahera. The rolling waves, blue water and white sand beach as if to hypnotize you to immediately enjoy all beach activities. And one of the best beaches in North Halmahera are worth to visit is Kupa-Kupa beach.

Kupa - Kupa beach is located in Kupa -Kupa village , 2 kilometers from main road and 20 kilometers to the south from Tobelo. The characteristic of this coast which has added with a quiet stream of banyan trees that grow in coastal areas, brought some identity to Kupa -Kupa beach and also make alot different for its beauty and shape from another beaches in North Halmahera.

Because it lies in the Gulf of Kao, and behind the mountain scenery, Kupa -Kupa beach provides smooth water flow on the sea , and make this spot is good for watersport activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, or kayaking.

Another spot attraction which is still visible on the surface of the Gulf Kao is Tosimaru wreckship, the cargo ship that was used during World War II. In addition, in Galela and Kao scattered cannons and bunkers. One of the bunker and even has a length of 20 meters and consists of several rooms.

For diving activities there are another variety of species of coral and ornamental fish, such as anemone fish, surgeon fish, unicorn fish, and angel fish, as the underwater attraction give more completeness to explore. This beach is recommended for every local or foreign traveller.


To go to Kupa-Kupa beach you can reach by air , Departing from TERNATE ( capital city of Maluku ) there are available several airflights to North Halmahera , specially to Kao or Galela city. Fly with Buana Nusantara Airlines morning flight (NBA) 2x a week (Sunday and Tuesday) and Air Express 1x a week (Wednesday) to Galela. From Galela you have to continue your trip to Tobelo city for 45 minutes, and then move to the south to Kupa-Kupa village


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