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Anambas islands: Best tropical island in Asia

Indonesia is known as an archipelago. Had thousands of islands with beautiful scenery and exotic. There is no wrong, if CNN.COM on April 14, 2012 put one of the islands in Indonesia as the best tropical island in Asia. Anambas islands , managed to occupy the first place after competing with 4 another beautiful tropical islands. The fourth tropical island is Koh Cang (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Halong Bay (Vietnam), and Similand Islands (Thailand) in that category.

Anambas Islands District is located in Riau Islands Province , Indonesia. The capital of Anambas is Terempa. Located 200 miles northeast of Batam Regions, Anambas archipelago have 1.2 million ha and the area is widely known as Sea Tourism of Anambas islands. Anambas islands is a paradise for every fans of diving and snorkeling activities.

The most beautiful island on Anambas islands is called as Bawah island . Bawah island is the main island on Anambas. The Bawah island group is consists four another small islands with a total area of ​​99.739 hectares. The island is famous for its Lagoon. The lagoon has clear blue water and formed by the ocean water which was trapped in the middle of the island.

When the sea water was in low tide the island would be chained and connected with sand ridge forming a barrier between the sea water inside and outside from the cluster of the island. The Sea water in this area is very clear, and from above the surface, you can clearly sight
into the bottom of the lagoon, including reef and fish.

There are wreckship which known as 'Seven Heaven' and 'Igara' which sank in the waters, in addition , it was being home to large variety of marine life as well the main attraction for divers.


For air transport is served by Sky Aviation (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday: Matak-Jakarta Tanjung Pinang-pp.);
Deraya Airlines (6x a week: Batam-
Tanjung Pinang-Matak pp.),v
And Fokker 50 (6x a week: Matak-
Batam-Jakarta pp.).

While sea ​​transport is served by
KM. Bukit Raya (2x a month);
KM Mountain Bintan (2x a month) KM. Trigas (2x a month)
MV BATAVIA VOC (Wednesday: Tanjung Pinang-Tarempa; Friday: Tarempa-Tanjung Pinang).

The distance from Bawah Island to Tarempa is approximately 7 hours , when it use pompong (motorized boats) transportation ,
while when using the speed
boat its took for about 4 hours long. Prepare your supplies to explore the best Tropical Island in Asia.


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