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Thousand islands : Panoramic scene from the north of Jakarta

Its natural beauty makes Kepulauan Seribu as one of the tourism destination which you can visit.The beautiful view and beaches are as other beaches in other indonesia's archipelagos, but in simple way tao reach it , you only need to cross Kepulauan seribu to enjoy all the beauty which Bali and Lombok have. No one knows how many islands are in this archipelago , the only thing for sure is that you can see the beauty and great experiences . The wind blowing , oceans wave as well as the waving palm trees would be your companies bye the time you step on this island. Unforgettable delightful island resorts with luxurious traditional style cottages. The right place for relaxing, refreshing, set in a clear blue sea, filled with myriad of tropical fish among multi colour corrals.

For real lovers of sea, sand and sun. Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Island consist of around 340 islets, including sand bars, accessible ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours by speedboat off Marina Ancol-Jakarta Bay. Here are some of Island Resorts, the beautiful places for your vacation. Escape to a fresh and clear environment, enjoy the nature both physically and mentally and enjoy the benefits of leisure.


Departure from Marina Beach Ancol at 08.00 morning , +/- IDR : Rp 30.000 - Rp 50.000 for one trip per person , 1,5 hours travel time . Notes : unreservation ticket, better to come early morning at 06:00 because the seats are limited for 25 person.

Departure from dock 19 at 08:00 morning , +/- IDR : Rp 400.000,- per person , arrived on coconut island (pulau kelapa) and island hoping (pulau harapan)with travel time 1,5 hours . For reservation contact person is Mr Tono (0818718245).

What island we have to visit ?

1. HOPPING ISLAND (Pulau Harapan)
You can choose this panoramic island to make first step on Kepulauan Seribu. In this island you can do any activities on the beach such as snorkeling , swimming on the white clear water ,or just take a snapshot and other activities. There so many inns in this island , but unlikely hotels room . This island provide an inns as a rent home resident . Its usually have three rooms , 1 kitchen ,and 1 bathroom , and have an air conditioner also . It has cost +\- IDR : 400.000/night. contact person : Mr Rambo (085921277879)
If you went by speed boat and arrived in Coconuts island (pulau kelapa) , you can go to Hopping island by BECAK ( traditional transportation ) and crossing the bridge within.

2. Netherlands island (Pulau Belanda)
To get in this island you have to accros the sea with a large wave , so put on your life jacket for safety, this island is rather far from Hopping island. and the most interesting is you have to swim to reach this island at least for 15 meters along. Then you will be provide the beauty panoramic from this island .

3. Silver Island (Pulau Perak)
The clear sea water, calm , blue and green , with white soft sand , will spoil up your eyes , Its amazing places to release strees , or you can enjoyed the fresh coconuts water from the tree .

another amazing island in kepulauan seribu you have to visit are :
1. Bidadari island
2. Ayer island
3. Tidung island
4. Pramuka island
5. Rambut island
and many more .. enjoy your vacation on this island :)

Tips :
- Think safety first in every activities
- Use sunblock every daylight on the beach
- Bring cash money


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