Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ten tips to get a good picture

Holiday would be incomplete without having fun with the camera. This seems to have become liabilities, wherever you go on vacation. In addition to immortalize yourself, take pictures also often used to capture the sights. For those of you who are still confused how to take good pictures, here are ten tips that can guide you in taking pictures during the holidays.

1. When we will take the pictures , do not even think this is good or bad , just use your feeling. Usually the feeling will give better results than your initial allegations.

2. If you are going to take pictures of people, do not use anymore the old tradition of counting "1,2,3, smile ...". Will look more natural when they do not know you are being aimed at him. So do it with candid.

3. If the sky was so beautiful, take a picture from the bottom and shoot your object (not necessarily human) against the background of the sky. Conversely, while it is cloudy and overcast, do not let the sky be a part of your photo. Avoid the sky as to avoid trouble. But take this picture when the sky darkened and rain, you'd be surprised how amazing the results.

4. Never remove photos from your camera, until you have to transfer it to a computer screen or PC. Selection of where the image is good, can only be done from a fairly wide-screen, not on such a small screen on the camera.

5. Everything looks good on photo paper, so do not be afraid to take pictures at random. The more random, you will be more creative.

6. Need inspiration in the target image? Frequently watch movies.

7. While on vacation do not bother yourself with the equipment 'war' of photography such as extra lights, tripods and more. All you need is a camera, eyes and fingers.

8. In photography there was never any benchmark you have to follow all the existing tips. Then make its own rules, its own style and be yourself is the secret key.

9. Especially for users nondigital camera, take lots of rolls of film. Elsewhere may be more expensive than in your town. If there is a residual film can always be stored in the freezer when you've arrived back at home.

anyway , storing such a film can stand up to a year or two you know! But do not forget, when removed from the freezer, do not immediately open, leave it until about an hour until the film reaches room temperature.

10. Results of your photos there may be a bit short though, is allowed for in the retouch in Photoshop. Who knows after you correct the result will be more cool than the original


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