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Lake Toba : Jewel on the North Sumatera

Lake Toba, which is known as one of the largest freshwater lake in the world, with the beautiful island of Samosir in the middle of the lake. If you seeing vast expanse of Lake Toba in the distance to the cliff or the top of the cloud-covered hill directly will make a fixed view, and often too tempting to divert attention with my eyes for a second. So extraordinarily beautiful and the average first-time visitors would be fascinated to visit.If you enjoyed photography, a visit to Lake Toba certainly will not be sorry to remember a truly stunning beauty.

In the history vulcanology eruption of the caldera is the remnant of the greatest mount explosion until this minute (scale 8 VEI - Vulkanic Explotion Index). Toba eruption may be confused with 2000 eruption of Mount Helena times or 20 000 times a Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion. The effects of the eruption was a big hole with an area of almost 200 thousand hectares (100 km length and width of 30 km) or two and a half times the state of Singapore where the hole is now filled with water and called the Lake Toba. The lake that formed 80,000 years ago from volcanic eruptions is located 906 m above sea level so there cool temperatures all year around 20 degrees Celsius. Depth of Lake Toba around 150 m with an area of 1265 km2, excluding Samosir island in the middle of a lake that size around 90km, or about 8 hours surrounded by a motorboat.

How to get there ?

To reach lake toba , the first step is you have to go to Medan in North Sumatera Indonesia and landing at Polonia medan airport . If you prefer to go by public transport, you can try to Pinang Line bus terminal which is the busiest terminal in Medan. Many buses are available to reach Lake Toba with a ticket price of about Rp. 30 000, - s / d Rp. 40 000, -. If you choose to stay in Medan before going to Lake Toba, usually the hotel can also help organize transport to Lake Toba with a rate of around Rp. 50 000, - until Rp.70.000, one person, depending on the type of car and number of people as well. Another alternative is to take the train from the main railway station in the city of Medan to Pematang Siantar town. Once on Pematang Siantar, you can charter a taxi heading Parapat rate of around Rp. 200 000, -. Parapat town which is the gate of Lake Toba can be achieved within approximately 4-5 hours from Medan if using a rental car, but it may take longer if the public transport, could be around 5-6 hours. There are two main routes to reach Lake Toba, the first is through the town of Berastagi the air is cool because it was in the height of the mountain, while the second route is Medan - High Cliff - Pematang Siantar - Parapat, where the second route is much shorter and usually take public transportation The second route. Even so, the first route should also try, if your vacation time is long enough for a day in the town of Berastagi , staying cool with the mountain air is also quite fun . Travel water from Parapat to Samosir Island by ferry takes about an hour and usually there are three villages on the island of Samosir is routinely visited by travelers, ie, Tuk Tuk, Tomok and Tigaraja. Beforeleave, you should check with the ferry crew prior to the termination destination on the island of Samosir.

What to see ?

*. Captive monkeys SibagadingLocation in Nagori (village) near Parapat Sibaganding Siantar cross monument Marsuse, 40 km from Pematang Siantar, 4 km from the Office Head. When visiting each day. The area approximately 50 hectares (Sibaganding Protected forests). Facilities: the path to the location and seating as well as feeding protected monyet.Hutan Sibaganding inhabited only by monkeys and according to information from the manager and trainer monkeys (monkeys), there are 13 groups, one group numbered approximately 100 individuals and each group consisted of five baboon tail (parent) or as a group leader. Handler will call a monkey with a horn like a trumpet made from buffalo horn. Within five minutes of the monkeys will come and visitors subject to levy of Rp. 2000, - told the manager to pay a banana (a comb) as food monkey.

*. HaranggaolHaranggaol  located on the shores of Lake Toba, 71 Km from Pematang Siantar, 115 from Medan. And can travel from Medan via Berastagi and from Medan via Pematang Siantar. To this location can be reached by all types of vehicles. When visiting each day. The area 20 Ha.Fasilitas: Hotel jasmine, restaurants, land transport, lake transport, telephone and others. Haranggaol as byond Parapat is situated in a beautiful bay on the shores of Lake Toba has a beautiful and stunning panoramas. In these locations can be made of water sports activities, hiking, swimming, water sky, fishing, boating, flying kites or gantolle and others.

*. Tigaras Located on the shores of Lake Toba in Nagori (village) Tigaras, 50 km from Pematang Siantar, 15 km from District Head Office Dolok Pardamean. And can be reached by a variety of vehicles. Road infrastructure largely Hotmix. When visiting each day. The area 10 Ha.Tigaras as byond Parapat is located on the shores of Lake Toba is a gate across from Island Lake to the region of Lake Toba Samosir and at this location can be performed sports activities, hiking, swimming, water sky, fishing, boating and other

*. SimarjarungjungLocated in Nagori piggledy village cockfight Dolok Pardamean District, 44 km from Pematang Siantar, 6 km from the district office Padamean Dolok. Visiting hours are not restricted. The area to five hectares. See the sun rise just above the surface of Lake Toba from the top is fun Simarjarunjung

*. Sipolha Located on Lake Toba in Nagori Sipolha adjacent to the Cape of Camels, Sidamanik District, 62 km from Pematang Siantar, 11 km from District Head Office Sidamanik. The total area of 20 hectares. Visiting hours from at 6:00 to 18:00 pm every day. Sipolha also a tourist attraction on the outskirts of Lake Toba that have a beautiful panorama that can be carried out by tourism activities including water sports, recreation, and fishing.

*. Cape Camel , Named "Cape Camel" because it is shaped like a camel resting at this location, the magnificent panorama of Lake Toba can be seen clearly. Many recreational activities are conducted such as camping, fishing in the beautiful bay. Located on the outskirts of Cape Camel Lake Toba in Nagori (village) Sipolha Sub Pematang Sidamanik 10 km from the Office Head.

*. Waterfall derivatives (Twins), Another tourist attraction is not optimally managed. This waterfall is located in Nagori (village) Bayu Bagasan, Java Land District (29 Km from P. Siantar). Saving the natural charm that is very intriguing. Dubbed the twin waterfalls because of the two streams (rivers and streams Balah derivatives) falls on the same spot. Muntik Bridge which is the heritage of the Dutch period was directly above the twin waterfalls. This bridge connects Nagori derivatives view Bayu baga

Where to stay ?

There are numerous hotels and guest houses, mainly in Tuk tuk but with a few scattered in other small towns around the island. During Chinese New Year (end of Jan/early Feb), many Indonesians come for vacation and will pay generously for their rooms (about triple the rate). To accommodate these guests, some guest house owners may ask their existing guests to vacate their rooms, but only giving them very short notice. Therefore, when arriving before Chinese New Year, check with the guest house owner to ensure your stay will not be interrupted.

* Bagus Bay , +62-625-451287, is a lovely place next to the lake. A dark wood and bamboo bar/restaurant give the place a particularly relaxed feel. The rooms are basic and range between Rp.30,000 and Rp.100,000. Good food and cold beer at a reasonable price.

* Barbara`s Guesthouse, Ambarita, +62-625-7000230 (, . is a small quite relaxing place a few km from Tuk Tuk with lovely scenery and very good swimming. Rooms are clean and located in several houses. Prices per night from Rp. 35000 upwards. Western- and Indonesian style food is served in the restaurant and on the terasse direct to the lake. Guesthouse manager Gordon gives gladly general tourist information and good tips about Sumatra.

* Hotel Carolina, Tuk-tuk, +62-625-451210 ( A nice place with 49 rooms set in a lush tropical garden. It has a good restaurant with a verandah overlooking the lake. Staff is very helpful. Prices start with a bargain of Rp.45.000 for small Batak style cottages up the hill with cold water only and go up to Rp.150.000 for the luxury rooms on the lake shore which come with hot water, a bath tub and a fridge. Rates subject to a 10% tax. They have a great lake area for swimming with a diving board and pontoon to relax (best on Tuk Tuk). The Hotel can organise travel and trips, rents out motorbikes, has an computer room and even offers free WiFi in the restaurant area, though the speed can be very slow. * Christina Guesthouse, Tuk-tuk, ? +62-625-451027, . is a small relaxing place with lovely scenery and good swimming. Rooms are clean and located in several houses (e.g. traditional Batak-houses). Prices per night from Rp. 50000 upwards. Internet & Skype are available for reasonable price. Western- and Indonesian style food is served in the restaurant. Guesthouse manager Juan gives gladly general tourist information and good tips about Sumatra.

* Romlan, +62-625-451386 ( is a small guesthouse with about 15 rooms and includes two batak cottages (40,000 per night) and traditional rooms in a single and two storey building (about 60,000 per night). The rooms are super clean and very comfortable with attached bathroom and nice furniture. All rooms have direct lake view and the swimming area is good for swimming and relaxing. Also great local and indonesian food including some German meals. Highly recommended. Ask the boat to stop at the private dock.

* Samosir Cottages, Tuk-tuk, +62-625-451170 (, accommodates many of the travellers who arrive late in Parapat, as there is usually a representative to ship them to the cottages. This is not a bad thing, however - the place is large, with a big variety in the price of rooms (Rp 30,000 and upwards). The waterfront is clean, and the restaurant is large and serves good food.The Batak music performing every Wednesday night and Saturday Night is great edit Ron the Boss and Togi the driver will be very helpful and sincere people. They also own Samorsir Villa Resort 5 minutes drive away which is newly built in 2007.


On the island of Samosir is almost no public transport. So if you want to get around the island, the only alternative is more feasible is to rent a motorcycle at a price of about Rp.70.000, until Rp. 80 000, - per day. Only, remember to always be careful to bring a vehicle on the island because the roads on the island of Samosir Samosir is so small that only one seemed quite impassable by car. In addition, you should not drive at night because the street was dark absolutely total absence of street lighting. General lighting can only be found in locations populated residential lots.

Samosir Island is a small island with a population of rare, so for you who seek frenzied atmosphere of a typical urban, it's not advisable to spend too much time on the island of Samosir. Average travelers who choose to stay on Samosir island for a long time are those who want to relax or cultural scholars who are interested in Toba Batak culture.

If you bring the rental car, rental car can also be carried across to the island of Samosir with a large ferry which departed from the port Ajibata in Parapat. If a small ferry, there is usually no fixed schedule, a large ferry operates according to fixed schedule and enough time. To take across the car, you only need to buy tickets for car and passengers at the ticket counter.

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