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Derawan island : Dive awesome in your life

Welcome to the beautiful tropical islands in the region of Borneo,Derawan is an island with a sea of blue and green color gradations views, softly sand, rows of coconut palms on the coast, with a small forest in the middle of the island which is the habitat of various species of plants and animals and the natural beauty of the enchanting underwater. No wonder if this island could be ranked as a top three world-class dive destination and make this island as an island of dreams for the divers.Derawan Island has to total land surface of 40,000 hectares and is nature reserve with beautiful scenery and beaches.

Several species of rare flora and fauna are preserved here, such as scaled turtles, belimbing turtles and sea cows. This Island is occupied by Bajau people. It's sea gardens are beautiful . Its coastal forests are inhabited by sea birds, iguanas, and swallows. There are caves inhabited by various kinds of crabs. The waters around Derawan are good for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and other water sports. Rabu-rabu Island is near Derawan, and is also called Snake Island. There are also Tanjung Batu, Panjang, Sangalaki and Kakaban Island, the latter with lakes.
Located on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan in the Sulawesi Sea the Derawan islands are known as one of the most biodiversity-rich hotspots in the world. However a variety of man made threats endanger its beauty. The Berau administration has declared its total area of 1.27 million hectares a marine conservancy region. It hopes to slow down the rate of environmental destruction. The Berau administration in East Kalimantan uses it as its symbol despite the rich diversity of sea creatures and coral reefs in the Derawan islands.

How to get there ?

From Jakarta( Indonesia ) you can reach Balikpapan very easily. From Jakarta it is better to take morning flight between 06.00 – 08.00 AM Jakarta time with Bouraq, Lion Air, Kartika Air, Air Asia, Adam Air and Garuda Indonesia, so you can connect nicely with Trigana Balikpapan – Berau 10.45 - 12.10. To reach this place, from Balikpapan to travel one hour by plane (Kal Star, Deraya or DAS) to Cape Redeb (Kab.Berau capital) and from Cape Batu to Cape Redeb then took a speedboat to the island Derawan (long trip around the 2.5 hours). Other alternatives can also be via Tarakan, from there using a speed boat charter (capacity 30 people at a cost of approximately Rp 8 million) and up to the island Derawan with 3.5 hours of travel time.

What to see ?

Derawan beach is very good, compared with a beach in Bali, Derawan beach is much cleaner and very beautiful underwater scenery, there are many diverse ornamental fish, you can also see turtles on the island. Ambiance Sunrise Sunset and its really beautiful, it's better  for you to not miss these two moments. By using a snorkel, you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under the sea because the water is very clear.No need far out to sea, about 100 meters from the beach, fish and colorful coral reefs can be enjoyed by renting snorkel $ 5 for one day. As for scuba equipment rental (self containing breathing underwater apparatus) of approximately $ 40

Derawan Islands series that ran for more than 100mil along the coastline of East Kalimantan, is one of the most biologically rich in Indonesia. In this archipelago of water from the Berau River mixed with water from the Celebes Sea sea creating a unique landscape with the characteristics of a broad river delta toward the scattered reef, coral atolls and reef edge. Derawan Islands there are more than 460 species of coral. It makes Derawan Islands as a region which has the highest diversity of hard corals in the world number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in Eastern Indonesia.

This study also notes that there is more than 870 species of fish, ranging from Pygmy seahorses are very small to giant manta rays.Very often found in a large group of manta rays which amounts to 50 tail looks seen foraging in the waters Derawan. Various flora and fauna are also found in this area include: 347 species of reef fish, 222 species of molluscs (including five types of clams); 27 species of crustaceans, 183 species of coral; seven species of seagrass, and other biota, such as rare green turtles (Chelonia mydas) , hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), dugong (Dugong dugori), fish belebele / Napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus], shell clams (Tridacna sp.), and crab  (Birgus latrd). Some types of biota that there are important economic value such as prawn lobsters, grouper, red fish, kurisi fish, sharks, sea cucumbers.

Several clusters of coral, such as Moras, latitude, Malalangun, Gasongan, Baliulin and Masimbung also present in Derawan Islands. Waters around the reef has underwater ecosystem that is amazing. Beautiful coral reefs, the diversity of different types of coral reef fish species and biota, and clean white sandy beaches into charm of this place. A number of rare animals reefs in eastern Indonesia from snail species found in some of these coral islands.This area is also famous for its habitat for green turtles (Chelonia mydas) are rare and the largest in Indonesia.

Since 1993, the island is managed by PT.Bhuni Manimbora Derawan Interbuana by providing facilities such as cottages, diving equipment, speedboats and restaurants. In addition, there is also an inn run by local people, such as Danakan, Derawan Lestari III, Derawan Lestari I & II. Lodging Hams and Yogie Mas provides rooms for about $ 5 to $ 10 /night.
In Berau, there is a well-known hotels, namely Hotel Derawan Indah . It's have a deluxe room rates to around US$80 until US$100. For more information at Hotel Derawan Indah is in  Jl Panglima Batur 396, TANJUNG REDEP , ph 0554-23128.

Always use a sunblock and hat to avoid the hot sun
Expand the drinking water (white / minerals) to avoid dehydration.No damage to the environment by removing any trash, damage to coral, and took nothing from our caring nature as a form of environmental sustainability.
If you want to dive , rent the equipment at this island.If you not have experience to dive , would be  better to following tour dive package.

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