Sunday, 18 July 2010

Chicken or an Egg ??? solved by science . . . . . . . .

onalRemember for an old question which is almost for a long time ago , we never know what the answer is  . . . .                             " what is the first exist ,  a chicken or an egg ?? " .
in a few past years , this question is still ambiguous to explaining  the truth answer .  But  now , we can smile for that question . Even it is a simple question , but is has a long journey to the scientist to get the truth answer for it. See this quote that i have been taken from ANTARA NEWS (INDONESIA) 
Scientists this week claimed to have solved the puzzle. The answer, they say, is chicken. As reported Mailonline, the researchers found that the formation of egg shell depends on a protein found only in chicken ovaries. That is, the egg can only exist if it was in the chicken.

"Protein called ovocledidin-17, or OC-17 - act as a catalyst to accelerate the development of the egg shell. "
Hard shell is important as a place for egg yolk and white. Scientists from the universities in Sheffield and Warwick use the super computer to download'zoom in 'the formation of the egg. Called Hector's computer revealed that the OC-17 is very important in initiating the early stages of crystallization or the creation of the shell. These proteins change the calcium carbonate into calcite crystals that form eggshells.Calcite crystals in a variety of bone and shell, but they are formed more quickly in the chicken. Poultry was able to produce six grams of egg shells every 24 hours.
Dr Colin Freeman, from the Department of Materials Engineering University of Sheffield, said: "During this time people thought that there is first an egg, but now we have scientific evidence showing that an earlier is the chicken actually exists."

Well , thanks for the scientist to solved this puzzle ,  at least we have more knowledge what and how it became and surely tell it true for the kids or another person which still never know the answer "What is the first exist , A chicken or an egg ??"


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