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The secret exsotic of Dreamland Bali beach

Cliff ledge were lined up, lined up high at the shoreline. Seem arrogant facing the brunt of waves that came rolling toward the shore. sea breeze blowing, foam hit the shore, shaking the leaves of coconut trees, every dream away visitors. In the distance, it appears the sun began to set, emitting light that will lead to dark yellow. Quiet atmosphere brings the romance, for every couple who visit there. Dreamland beach, including one among so many of the best beaches on the island of Bali. Dreamland Beach is located on the southern island of Bali exactly in Pecatu region. Rather, a few kilometers before the Pura Uluwatu from the direction of Denpasar. Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to the attractions of Kuta beach, and many say the next Kuta beach, but far more beautiful and more empty. A side of the beauty that Dreamland offer ....

Dreamland beach Bali

Because the place is deserted and the texture of the waves that could be considered quite good for surfing, a lot of foreign tourists to come here. It also has a unique exceptional reef. often used for photo shoots prewed, model or even to shooting the movie that aired in Indonesia and beyond. This reef is also the added nuance of the erotic and romantic sunset next to the beach.

dreamland sea side

When you enter Dreamland Beach tourist area, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Rugged hilly area and make you look as if the lower beach area on the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering and large rocks. When you go down the rocks and the steps to the beach, you'll be amazed by the views of the cliffs on which there is a green pasture is high enough.

 Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow. Located on the white sandy beach just below the narrow steep rock walls, is suitable as a dream beach to enjoy the sunset or just watching the surfers attraction. The waves are high and attracted many big fans of water surfing sports. Even Dreamland has become a new spot for surfing Bali region.

The best session for surfing at Dreamland Beach is during dry season. It is because the wind flow from the southeast to the west hence it could create the great wave even barrel. This season is very much love by the surfer when go for surfing at this surfing point where the wave is powerful and big but inconsistent.

Surfing at dreamland beach

You can rent umbrellas are provided along the coast to avoid the hot sun. If you want to swim but do not bring replacement clothing, you can buy in the tourist area of ​​Dreamland. Once down the stairs, a line of clothing merchants will offer you their wares. Also available are several shops that sell food and drinks. In addition, here are also available toilet facilities if you want to change clothes and shower. But the pricing is quite expensive even for just pee in this area.

 Here some tips to travel in bali with low budget, and if you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas which stood as a supporter of tourism that continues to be built at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas stand on the cliff so you can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the cliffs. In the end, the beauty of this beach will entice you to come back again.


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