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Hoga Island , Indonesia best reef island

WAKATOBI. The best Indonesia islands near the island of Buton island which is touted as "the heart of the world's coral". In these waters that did appear a natural wonder of underwater ecology. Best cluster coral island stretches about 48 kilometers, with an area of ​​90 thousand hectares, which makes it the longest reef in the world. Hoga Island is one of the islands in the cluster of Wakatobi island, Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia, which is also a tourism island's with most beautiful underwater world scenery.The island is located in the eastern of Kaledupa island. Hoga Island located in the Ambeua Village, who is also an activity center Operation Wallacea since 1995 until now. Have the infrastructure that detailed supporting activities such as diving, snorkeling and research. In addition, there are ± 100 local community-run homestay located just behind the white sand beaches along the ± 1 km. Area of ​​marine tourism on the island of Hoga can be reached by speed boat from the Capital District of ± 10 minutes. Activities to do is dive, snorkeling, sunbathing, and research.

The land of Hoga island that looks greenish and beautiful with white sand surrounded by the sparkling sunlit, can pamper you who want to feel the sensation of natural beauty of a tropical island on the southern Sulawesi. Hoga island has an area of ​​approximately 1.3 million acres and which is a combination of several islands. The island has about 750 until 850 species of coral in the world. Hoga Island is one of the favorite places of professional divers and abroad. and there are so many visitors in June to August, especially students from Europe and America where doing some research of marine life. There are about 200 specialty simple, shaped house with small wooden stage, spread over most of the island.

Very beautiful white sandy beaches, and it has a very cleary water, until you can see the fish were swim in the depth of water. A dive site is located between the islands of Hoga and Kaledupa have a very panoramic underwater views. Dive to a depth of 20 meters at the Hoga Channel by using the wet suit, fin, mask, and tubing oxygen, or simply snorkel goggles with tubes sticking up will appear "paradise" under the sea became the target of every diver. Colorful corals gather here and there. Anemone fish or clown fish playing on the sidelines of soft corals anemones which use as home.

Besides Hoga Channel, there are about 20 dive sites scattered in Wakatobi waters. Pinnacle site, near Hoga Island. There are called Kaledupa Coral, coral table (table-shaped rock) and sized 2-3 meters in Tomia Island there were Hangover Reef. Each dive site has a unique Characteristic. The structure of coral Pinnacle's most beautiful, mountainous coral, as the name suggests, Pinnacle or "peak". this location also a home for typical barracuda fish habitat. Fish-shaped oval like a bullet and can glide very fast, barracuda fish swarming life. also found pygmy, sea horses which is so small.

Hoga beach-Wakatobi as a tourism object of Southeast Sulawesi never empty from tourists. Other than domestic tourists are also always traveling to this island every holiday season arrives. For lodging, the Hoga Island have some comfortable lodging and adequate. Most of them here has a range of Rp 200000-300000 per day. Mostly, the inn which is made of wood and no air conditioning or fan. This will also make you more naturally to enjoy every minutes on the island of Hoga. In addition, there are also Hoga Island dive center that can help you if you want to dive. But the source of fresh water on this island does not exist, just a well of brackish water and fresh water from the distillery's local manager.

How to get there

for those of you who want to go there, to reach the Hoga Island can be reached via two paths with some alternative way, which is:

1. By sea, there are two options. From Kendari through Baubau in Buton, or directly Kendari to Wanci. Baubau may be an alternative stopover for those of you which have not too strong enough from a hit by the waves. Understandably, long way from Wanci to Kendari cruise about 12 hours. If passed Baubau, you can take a break while enjoying the famous Buton palace in Baubau. Kendari-Baubau normally taken within 6 hours, then Baubau-Wanci taken within 8 hours.

2. By air, there are planes that connect Kendari from the airport Matahora in Wanci, as the capital of Wakatobi. Susi Air is the one airline that provide this air transport, the travel distance is less than 1 hour. There also actually has an airport pioneer on the Tomia island owned by some resort. If you are interested, these all you can get from booked some room at the resort, but this step has little bit more expensive.


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