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Prambanan : Historical of 1000 Temples

Prambanan temple, an exotica beauty from the past. located on the border between Yogyakarta Special Region with central java. This temple is the largest temple area of south east asia. This temple was built in 850 AD by the dynasty sanjaya, the famous dynasty at that time.This temple complex consists of  8 main temples and more than 250 small temples. and the main building is 47m high. Three main temple called Trisakti and offer it to the hyang Trimurti: Shiva Batara the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver and Batara Brahma the Creator.

An amazing temple construction was prove to the greatest dynasty of sanjaya . Fully  hand made reliefs in all of the body of each temples making this beauty temples more sacred and mysterious . Entering each of the temples makes some mystical experience for your journey , combining with a historical legend of  Rama and Shinta you will be delight full  to see wide open of javanese culture.

 How to get there ?
From any direction in indonesia , you have to flight to Jogjakarta and landed in Adi Sucipto International Airport . Then you can choose your transportation with your pleasure 


Approximately 10 minutes (about 8 miles) to the Prambanan temple with only spend around U.S. $ 2.5


Select bus majors Jogja to Kalasan and down in front of Prambanan Temple. It costs half the U.S. $ dollar per person. 


Some pedicab sometimes hang out at the airport. Can be reached within 25 minutes to Prambanan Temple Approximately with costs U.S. $ 2.5 

Our Suggestions

Select a taxi to take you to the Prambanan Temple or contact your travel agent.

What to see ?

 the first thing , you will be able to see the beauty of  Prambanan shape from the past , sculpture of Ramayana storeis at the wall of the temple , and mystical aura while you get in to inside the temple .

In other building near the temple , there is a javanse dance of art , called Ramayana ballet. this show started on :
Date: 1,3,8,10,15,17,22,24,29
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 pm
Event: Ramayana Ballet (full story)
Venue: Stage Yogyakarta Prambanan Trimurti

 Ramayana ballet is an art show beautiful, amazing and difficult to compare. This performance is able to unite various Javanese arts such as dance, drama and music on one stage and one momentum to present the Ramayana story, legendary epic written by Valmiki in Sanskrit.
The story of Ramayana is sung on this show is similar to that engraved on Prambanan temple. As many told, the Ramayana story carved on the most beautiful Hindu temple similar to the story in oral tradition in India. The road is long and thrilling story was summarized in four plays or round, abduction of Sinta, Anoman mission to Lanka, Ravana Kumbhakarna or death, and the meeting re-Rama Sinta.
All the stories presented in a series of dance movements performed by the lovely dancers accompanied by gamelan music. You are invited to actually dissolve in the story and look at every movement of the dancers to know the storyline. There's no spoken dialogue of the dancers, the only speakers are sinden describing the way the story through the songs in the Java language with a distinctive voice.

Where to stay ?

Poeri Devata Resort ( 496 435; Cottages U.S. $ 40 + 21% tax; fan / AC)The resort is located behind the Prambanan Temple, 15 minutes from International Airport Adi sutjipto. It has a swimming pool with a natural atmosphere and a restaurant. The hotel offers an interesting view, because in front of the resort have view Prambanan and there behind the view of Mount Merapi.

Puri  Jonggrang ( 496 708; Jl. Sewu; U.S. $ 10 to U.S. $ 15; fan / AC)The hotel is located right next to the tourist area of Prambanan temple. End of the driveway area lodging temple is an area that can be achieved about 30 minutes by taxi from the airport.

or you can find more in this site: RESORT NEAR PRAMBANAN

1. Better to not use a mini skirt while visiting this temple.
2. Beware for the temple with under construction  , because the damage of the earth quake on 2006.
3. The Ramayana ballet show usually  starts at night , pay attention if you want  to see  fully of this show.
4. Use hat or brought your umbrella to prevent from the hot of sunlight .

This video is taken from youtube

Ramayana ballet 


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